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War has been declared on America

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Charlotte, NC — Since Wednesday, we have witnessed a new war being declared on America. I’m not talking about a war of guns, planes, ships, and soldiers. I am talking about a different kind of war.

When the mainstream media and social media giants refused to cover the latest developments in the Joe Biden corruption scandal, they declared war on Americans. It comes back to how much of America that the radical left controls.

They control nearly every aspect of information distribution in our country. From social media, television, or digital and print media, the left controls the overwhelming majority of it. Each one is interdependent for sharing information in our high tech world.

Yet, a story that the American people needed to hear was hidden. It was blocked, it was kept from being shared or distributed. Conservatives have come accustomed to talking about censorship, but this time it’s different.

In the past, it’s been a labeled tweet, a temporary restriction, or the accusation of keeping a post from being shared. This time it is much different. We have the open admission of Facebook and Twitter leadership that they are purposefully limiting the story so it can be verified by fact-checkers.

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While I will intentionally not link to the New York Post, I want be clear that this story is eligible to be fact checked by Facebook’s third-party fact checking partners. In the meantime, we are reducing its distribution on our platform.

Bring in the hypocrisy of the actions right here. Do you remember being bombarded with article after article on the Russian Trump collusion story? I sure do, it was all across my social media from left-wing friends. Yet, now we know that the story was based on lies and fake statements.

It was fabricated by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. It was perpetuated by mainstream media and social media platforms. There was no fact-checking necessary because it was Trump and had to be true.

Now we have a story that goes the other way, with social media and mainstream media purposefully limiting others from reading the story. The left-wing of America officially drew the line in the sand and declared war on America.

On one side, you have the mainstream media, social media, and big tech organizations that control access to information all across the country. On the other, you find millions of Americans that are ready to cast their vote for their next leader. Millions of Americans who deserve to know the deep levels of corruption of Joe Biden, who has been labeled the safe choice.

This is not about Democrats versus Republicans now. This is about a former Vice President who sold out his position for the financial gain of his family. This is about a former Vice President who wants you to put him back in that position again.

Biden wants America to trust that he is the best choice to lead the country since we cannot trust Trump. Even though, he sold out his position, requiring a quid pro quo of Ukraine bragging about it on video, then denied it ever happened. He has openly denied any meetings or helping his son in any way, but now there is proof of that very thing happening.

He wants America to trust him to “be tough” against China. Instead, we learn that his son sold special access and potentially breached national security through his interactions with the Chinese.

This is a story that Americans deserve to know. Instead, we have media outlets that have decided to declare war on opposing viewpoints. They have openly declared war on anyone that does not agree with their way of thinking.

They have accepted the Keith Olbermann challenge. They are seeking out opposing viewpoints and working to silence and eliminate them from society. That is not the mark of a free nation, but a communist one.

If I were to take the names out of the story and simply share of media suppression of the news, the oppression of opposing viewpoints, and the elimination of dissenters, many of us would immediately think of communist China. Unfortunately, that is not the case and we are referring to America.

Americans find themselves on one side of this war. They face the potential elimination of opposing views, the suppression of ideas, and the elimination of a way of life. That is far from the country that our founding fathers wanted.

We were founded on disagreement. Our founding fathers openly disagreed on many things but found that freedom was more important than anything. Will America once again decide that freedom is important, or will they give it away?

America Finds Itself In A New War

In just a few short days, America finds itself in the middle of a new war. It’s not a war of guns, ships, planes, and soldiers. It’s a different kind of war. One that mainstream media and social media have decided to wage against Americans from coast to coast.  On Wednesday, the New York Post released a bombshell report about the activities of Hunter Biden.

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