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What are Democrats and Joe Biden hiding in Ukraine?

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Charlotte, NC – On Sunday, The Washington Times shared a report of how Senate Democrats were sabotaging the investigation efforts into Hunter Biden. Senate Republicans have been investigating Biden for potential financial crimes, which could implicate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The report outlines how Democrats fabricated stories and passed the details through intelligence channels to give the stories a sense of credibility. They used these reports to try to tie the Republican investigation to Russia, which has been proven time and again to be false.

Republicans did not fall for the trick however, refusing to talk to the individual cited in the fake story. That has not stopped Democrats from attempting to tie them to Russia in continued statements.

It’s more of the elaborate plan by Democrats to try to protect Joe Biden. To go to such great extents to protect the Democrats pawn, there must be something more to the story. What are the Democrats and Joe Biden hiding in Ukraine?

It’s obvious that the Biden’s made significant profits off their actions in Ukraine. Braden bragged about the power he held over the situation in his quid pro quo that he demanded of the Ukrainian government.

We also know that Biden and his family profited greatly from business dealings in China, but those are not under investigation at this point. The only focus is on that of Ukraine and the Democrats are doing everything in their power to block it.

This is not the first story the Democrats have made up to try to help guard their chosen candidate. In 2016, we now know the details of the DNC’s elaborate plan, coordinating with Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration and the mainstream media, to attack President Donald Trump. They are experts with manufacturing stories to protect their own.

It’s obvious that there is a deep level of corruption that will be found in this case. Recently, Hunter Biden’s business partner had his fraud charges reinstated. While Biden himself was not charged, it is only a matter of time until it happens.

The only way out for Biden would be that his father, who helped him succeed in Ukraine, would be elected President. It’s the only way that the Biden’s can hide their corruption in the country and their corruption overall. This is only the tip of the iceberg for what is to come.

The Dismal Outlook For Opportunity And Freedom

The Senate is set to start confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett this week. While many conservatives will be excited, the left is starting to face the facts. Barrett appears well on her way to the nomination.  That is not saying that Democrats will not make this into a show as they did with Kavanaugh.

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