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What to expect when Trump nominates Ginsburg’s replacement

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Charlotte, NC — On Friday, Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. She had battled with pancreatic cancer for several years and pass at her Washington, DC home with her family and friends nearby. Ginsburg was 87 years old and a staple of the liberal wing of the nation’s highest court.

While I did not agree with Ginsburg on her policy and stance on many issues, she always took a strong stand for what she believed in. I do not always agree with everyone, but that’s part of what makes our nation such a great nation.

Now, the question becomes how will Democrats react when President Trump attempts to appoint a replacement to the high court before the November election. They will no doubt bring up the recent memory of Merrick Garland, who President Obama nominated in 2016. Republicans refused to hold hearings or confirm Garland, which resulted in Neil Gorsuch taking the position after Trump was elected.

Democrats are still in the minority in the Senate, which gives them little way to block a Trump nominated candidate to the high court. Their only course of action will be to follow a similar role to that of when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the court. Except, this nomination will be extremely different.

Kavanaugh’s nomination was marred by protests, fake accusations of sexual misconduct, and the Democrats and mainstream media teaming up for an all-out assault on Kavanaugh. Rather than stepping aside, Kavanaugh fought the accusations and was confirmed to the high court. Since that time, all of the accusations were proven to be falsified and political hits on him to try to keep him from the court.

If we think that Democrats will allow this nomination to go peacefully, we are mistaken. This will be the Kavanaugh experience on steroids. If you can imagine what they are doing right now with Black Lives Matter events across the country, it will be even worse in this instance.

In the next few days, the left will start their assault on the candidate list that President Trump has released. He updated the list at the beginning of September, and many of the names are extremely controversial. Even more controversial than Kavanaugh.

The Democrats will want to argue that this vacancy should remain until after the election. They will argue that a Trump nomination will sway the court and it should not happen. Neither of Trump’s previous nominees swayed the court as they indicated they would during the nomination process, however.

This time, they will continue the argument that it will be different. To be quite honest, I would expect it will be. A solid conservative will absolutely place the court into conservative leadership for some time. At least, until Democrats decide to pack the court with Justices if they were to win in November.

That is the number one concern that I have going into this. I expect a ruthless fight. I expect it to be ugly and that Democrats will pull out all the stops to try and prevent a nominee. Except, there is really nothing they can do to stop it.

We will most likely see Republicans put a nominee on the court, which will be celebrated as a win. The win may be short term, however, if President Trump does not win the November election.

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