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Will 2020 be the end of conservative values?

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Charlotte, NC — This year has been a crazy year. From a worldwide pandemic, insane riots, and a somewhat hectic election cycle, we have been through a lot. We have learned a lot about society with one thing being that we seem to be missing conservative values in our country.

The values have not disappeared completely, but it is becoming more and more difficult to find solid conservatives anymore. Everywhere you look and in every news story you read, you read propaganda and lies.

The mainstream media has coordinated with Black Lives Matter and Democrats to frame an interesting narrative for our country. We see property, businesses, and lives destroyed amid violence that is uncalled for. We have witnessed the rise of socialists who want to take away the basic freedoms we enjoy.

We are told we should not enjoy the American dream. We should not have the freedom to choose our job, our healthcare, our salary, our home, our school, and many other things. We cannot even practice our religion unless that religion aligns with liberal ideals.

It should come as no surprise, however, as this was the plan all along. This was not a gradual movement away from conservative values and it has been happening right before our very eyes. Facing this year’s election, it becomes even more important than ever.

The departure from true conservative values can be traced back for decades actually. Some may argue that it started with Republican support of Mitt Romney. While it’s true Romney is anything but a conservative, that is not the departure from conservative values.

Others may argue that it happened during George W Bush’s administration. We certainly lost a lot of freedoms amid 9/11 and the massive debt and government expansion that his administration was over. That was also not the beginning of the loss of conservative value.

To track it back to the beginning, I believe you can go back to the 101st Congress. Yes, all the way back into the election of 1988 where Democrats gained control of both houses of Congress in 1986 and maintained that control through the 1988 elections. President Reagan had accomplished a lot with his conservative platform, and Americans were doing well as a result.

Then things changed. President George HW Bush was elected and Democrats saw an opportunity that they had been planning. Under the leadership of familiar names, like Biden, Democrats seized on an opportunity to change the narrative of what is considered normal in our country.

They convinced Bush to sign several pieces of legislation, that led to his demise. He said no new tax increases, then signed the Omnibus bill that raised taxes on Americans. He allowed legislation that enacted new government regulations and restrictions, like the amendment to the Clean Air Act.

Through this lapse, Republicans allowed conservative values to come under attack. The actions of that Congress and President Bush ushered in an era of Bill Clinton. While Republicans regained control in the 104th Congress in 1995, the damage was already done.

Democrats began the liberal brainwashing of our youth. They formed valuable relationships with the mainstream media to spread their propaganda. For Americans, there was no way to escape what was happening.

Now, rather than desiring successful careers, our youth are more interested in a viral TikTok video or Instagram photo. Rather than chasing the American dream, they chase 5 minutes of fame and a government handout so they are treated “equal.”

Democrats like Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and Clinton all set out on a power trip to control the United States and eliminate conservatives. Their mission is almost complete. They have almost successfully forced conservatives out of society.

President Trump is not perfect, but he is much more conservative than many of his predecessors. Yes, government size and spending are still out of hand. That stands no chance of improving under a President Biden.

The election of 2020 is a key election for many things. I agree with Vice President Pence that America is on the ballot. I also believe that conservative thought is on the ballot. If Democrats gain control again, I worry that conservative values may be gone forever.

The Elimination Of Conservative Values

Our nation has been through so much recently. We have dealt with riots, protests, a worldwide pandemic, and much more. It’s been a crazy year. Amid everything that is going on, one thing is missing. Conservative values. Democrats have long sought to end conservative presence in society.

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