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With HHS decision, we are back to two genders once again

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Washington, DC – On Friday evening, news outlets across the country reported that the Trump administration had rolled back transgender protections. Trump was immediately blamed for the move. The decision was made by the Department of Health and Human Services, and headlines across the media are misleading.

In the Obamacare act, a new meaning of sexual discrimination was implied. This was suggested to apply to civil rights law, but a 2016 court ruling said otherwise. After some investigation and counsel, DHHS determined that the ruling by the court was binding, and they could not enforce a part of the law that was not meant to be.

This does not mean that transgender people are not protected. They still have protections as part of civil rights law. According to the DHHS statement, “Under the final rule, HHS will continue to enforce all applicable laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, national origin, disability, age, and sex, according to the meaning of the federal laws, and based on HHS’s longstanding underlying civil rights regulations.”

These special interest groups are just not happy with those protections, however. For example, they want protections based on the gender of their choice, not the gender of their birth. DHHS determined that Congress did not have the authority to override the civil rights act and establish a new meaning through the Affordable Care Act.

The Human Rights Council immediately announced their intentions to sue the Trump administration. In their statement, they claimed this was just another attack by Donald Trump. They quickly tied the LGBTQ community to the Black Lives Matter movement in an attempt to garner additional support.

The ACLU responded and said that the decision would be responsible for lost lives. According to the CNN article, the ACLU said that this would lead to people being turned away from treatment, such as COVID-19 tests or treatment, just because of who they are. Nothing could be further from the truth.

One has to remember that the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) still exists. At a basic level, this guarantees that if you need emergency treatment, you will receive the necessary treatment to stabilize your condition, regardless of who you are and your ability to pay. The LGBTQ community is also covered under all other aspects of the civil rights and anti-discrimination statutes.

These groups all have protections, just like every other American, but that’s not good enough. They want everything to cater to them. They want each definition to be specifically for them.

They are not happy without the attention of everyone around them. Where does this come from? From the left, of course. Even though they have protections and are getting treatment, it’s not good enough.

They want to define how they receive their treatment. Men want to be treated as if they are women. Women want to be treated as if they are men. This goes against anything that is taught for medical professionals, who learn that men and women are different and must be treated as such.

This is not acceptable to them. They do not care if it’s different treatment, different guidelines, or various suggestions. They want to be treated as the imaginary gender that they believe they are.

You can tell the healthcare worker you are a woman, if you are a man. It can work the other way as well. If something negative happens, then you are the one to blame.

With this move by HHS, there are once again two genders. Rather than over 30 potential selections, once again, you will either be male or female just as God designed it.

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