About Us

The Liberty Loft had been a concept for quite some time. We launched The Liberty Loft initially as The Closet Conservative in early 2019. This was as a means to share conservative ideas and values in hopes to encourage conservatives to speak out. The idea grew much larger than we ever dreamed. The initial goal was to reach locally, but we found that our reach went far beyond our area of North Carolina.

After some time, we felt that The Closet Conservative was just one piece and it would be better to focus on something much larger. In early 2020, we decided to change the name of the website to The Liberty Loft. A lot of people ask us, why do you think you should be in this space? We believe there is room for additional conservative content that is not necessarily pushing a straightforward agenda like typical main stream media. We want to be fair and balanced. We do not hide the fact that we are conservative focused, but you will not see us specifically carrying a party agenda.

We understand from national polling and from public perception, conservatives are in the minority. We need to do all we can to help conservative content to be available online and across multiple media platforms. That is exactly what we are here to do. We distribute our content on our website as our first priority. We also distribute across social media channels, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Parler to name some.

We thank you for being valued readers and listeners of our content. Without each of you, we would not be here. We appreciate the loyalty and the following that you have given us here at The Liberty Loft. We pledge to continue to deliver the absolute best conservative content possible. Be sure to subscribe and share with everyone you know!

The Liberty Loft Team