Our Team

We have a great team here at the Liberty Loft. You can find out more about your favorite members of our team below.


Bennett McKinley

Bennett McKinley is a writer at The Liberty Loft. He is a graduate of Appalachian State University and Western Carolina University. He is a former K-12 teacher and post-secondary administrator. He is an undeserving follower of Christ, an outspoken pro-life, and a small government advocate. For his hobbies, He loves engaging in politics, is an avid firearms enthusiast, and enjoys spending time with his wife and son.


Louis Seagray

Louis Seagray is an “Evil” Landlord and has published numerous books, his first of which landed him the “Best New Release” from the NY Times in 2015.
He runs an animal sanctuary outside of Asheboro, NC, and has been involved with the Carolina Raptor Center, the North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue, and the Guardians of Rescue out of New York. A graduate of Memphis State with a BS in Accounting and four minors, he speaks three additional languages (French, Russian and Portuguese), he holds several patents on various inventions. To that end, he also became an accomplished chef and has served Dennis DeYoung, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mike Mattei, Miss Virginia, and Miss America  (1987 and also 2015).


JD Washington

JD Washington is our writer and one of the original founders of The Liberty Loft. He is a graduate of Liberty University and is a vocal supporter of conservative values. He is pro-God, pro-life, pro-gun, small government, and balanced budget advocate.