Pelosi to Introduce Bill Limiting Presidential Pardons

Washington, DC — The media and their Democratic friends have been apoplectic ever since President Trump commuted Roger Stone’s conviction this past Friday. It was just days before the 67-year-old … Read More

Young Mother Shot in Head by BLM Supporters for Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

Indianapolis, IN — Recently, a young mother from Indianapolis, Indiana, Jessica Doty Whitaker, was shot to death after allegedly getting into an argument about Black Lives Matter and which lives … Read More

Trump says “No” to Minnesota’s Governor’s Request for $500 Million to Repair Minneapolis After Riots

Minneapolis, M.N. – President Trump has denied a request from Minnesota’s governor for money to rebuild parts of Minneapolis destroyed during the riots following the death of George Floyd. On … Read More

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Don Lemon makes foolish claim that Jesus was a sinner

Charlotte, N.C. — Last Thursday, CNN political commentator Don Lemon made a claim on-air while conversing with fellow CNN political commentator, Chris Cuomo, that “Jesus Christ admittedly was not perfect … Read More

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