Biden Bit the Big One During Debate

Charlotte, N.C. – We have seen the last of a babbling old buffoon in Joe Biden on any presidential debate stage. On Thursday, the dementia-ridden Democratic nominee continued to deceive … Read More

Joe Biden Admits President Trump Destroyed him During The Final Debate

Nashville, TN — With the final presidential debate of the 2020 cycle in the books, there was little doubt that President Trump thoroughly took Joe Biden apart.  This includes repeatedly … Read More

Trump Says Coyotes In Debate, Ignorant Leftists Call It Xenophobic

Charlotte, NC — President Trump was asked about illegal immigration, family separation, and about those 500 children whose parents haven’t been found during last night’s final Presidential Debate. As anyone … Read More

Latest details continue to show Biden unfit for Presidency

Charlotte, NC – Ahead of the debate on Thursday night, more details about Joe Biden being unfit for office continue to emerge. The suggestions are not new, as we have … Read More

Trump Walks Out of Contentious ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Charlotte, NC — After reports surfaced that President Trump had “walked out” of an interview with “60 Minutes’” veteran reporter Lesley Stahl Tuesday, President Trump tweeted a video of Stahl … Read More

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