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Biden relying on everyone else to campaign for him

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Charlotte, NC — On Wednesday, Joe Biden, yet again, could not leave his basement in order to talk to or campaign to the American people. He is too busy working out his plan for how to respond to Trump’s accusations about Hunter Biden at the debate. Those accusations that the mainstream media refuses to question Joe about.

Instead, Biden has resorted to letting everyone else do the work for him. For the first time, former President Barack Obama spoke out on behalf of Biden. His comments in Pennsylvania were celebrated by mainstream media outlets everywhere.

CNN called his statements a ‘blistering rebuke’ of Trump and his first four years in office. Politico said that Joe Biden ‘pulled out his biggest weapon’ in one of the biggest states in the upcoming election.

While the mainstream media celebrates and will run wild with Obama’s comments, the American people are left wondering. They are left searching for this mysterious person named Joe Biden.

The news headlines are all about his praise. From the tv screen to the computer screen, we are bombarded with articles and stories about Joe Biden and how wonderful he is. All the while, I guess he is sitting back sleeping in his recliner in his basement?

Since Monday, no one has seen this person named Joe Biden. He wants to be the leader of the United States, yet he cannot even lead himself up the stairs and out of the basement. He has no intention to hold any campaign events until after the upcoming Presidential debate either.

In modern history, no candidate has ever been as absent from the campaign trail as Biden. He refuses to hold events for people to meet and speak with him. He prefers to speak virtually, so he can read the teleprompter rather than actually speak from the heart.

The American people deserve to hear from their candidates. They deserve to hear what they have planned, what they want to do. Instead of hearing Biden’s plans, we only hear him say how bad a person Trump is.

To hear Biden’s plans, you have to listen to everything else and it leaves you to wonder. Are these really Biden’s plans or are they everyone else’s plans for him? That’s an easy question to answer.

From the beginning of his campaign, Biden has done nothing to create his own policy and plans. He has recited the words of what everyone else. He sold his soul to the radical left and attempts to hide their desires behind his “regular old Joe” image as he calls it.

The name of Joe Biden should be changed on the ballot because Joe Biden is not running for President. When you vote for Joe Biden, you are really casting your vote for everyone else.  Joe Biden has checked out of this race and out of this country.

Joe Biden is focused on his recliner and basement. He’s focused on his millions of dollars from corrupt Ukraine and China dealings. He’s not focused on anything that is actually important for the American people.

Everyone said this election would be Donald Trump versus Joe Biden. Instead, this election has turned into Donald Trump versus Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the mainstream media, and many many more.

It’s time for Americans to stop listening to the Democrats

For the past 50 years, Democrat have been feeding lies to the American people. Some will claim it has been longer than that. They have claimed they had a better way, leaving Americans with doomsday after doomsday scenario.  In 1970, Democrat Gaylord Nelson predicted that 75-80% of the species on earth would be destroyed in 25 years.

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