Joe Biden, DNC, Milwaukee, will not accept nomination,

Biden will not leave his basement to accept nomination

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Washington, DC – The DNC announced that Joe Biden will be unable to leave his basement yet again, as he will not travel to Milwaukee to accept the party’s nomination. They announced that he will accept the nomination at his home in Delaware. The DNC had previously announced that they would move to an entirely virtual convention.

Biden had previously announced that he would be able to attend the convention. The latest move to keep Joe Biden out of the public eye is just the latest for Democrats.

The media and Democrats have continued to try to keep Joe Biden from debating President Trump. There are increasing concerns about Joe Biden’s mental state. Many have suggested that Biden’s mental issues are in a rapidly declining state.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Jared Dyson, recently discussed those accusations on a podcast episode. Democrats are not expected to try to replace Joe Biden, but they continue to attempt to try to protect him from scrutiny.

President Trump and many other Republicans have attacked Biden for remaining in his basement. Other outlets have suggested that the strategy will backfire on Democrats. It’s no secret among media outlets the game plan to protect Biden, either.

Many have suggested that former President Obama is the spokesperson for Biden, since Biden continues to struggle with his memory and frequent blunders. More information continues to come from representatives close to Biden, than come from Biden himself.

Unfortunately, Biden will not be able to hide in his basement forever. He will have to come out and face Americans, who will certainly see through the facade. Biden is just a simple shell of a man, who reads the lines on the screen and performs as the media tells him to.

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