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Is Pete Buttigieg Harris’ choice for VP?

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Charlotte, NC – If you have seen the news recently, one name has come back into prominence. That is of former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg suspended his presidential campaign in March and has largely faded away from the public view outside a few friendly mainstream media visits.

His name came up when the talk turned to the Supreme Court, as he spoke out against the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. Buttigieg was an outspoken supporter of packing the Supreme Court during his primary run.

One has to question why Buttigieg is becoming more outspoken, seeing as how he was nowhere close to a front runner in this race. One would expect the well known names, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, to help Biden. Buttigieg holds no position and seems the least likely to be beneficial to Biden.

That’s probably because Buttigieg is not beneficial to Biden at all.

Sure, the media is hyping this as Buttigieg being beneficial and carrying a “sling blade” for Biden, but that’s really not the case. Buttigieg is making a name for himself to help Kamala Harris.

He stood in as a Mike Pence substitute for Harris in the Vice Presidential debate preparations. He and Harris have a close relationship, even after she called him naive in the primary.

Media outlets, like The Washington Post, said that they created the vision of America as they know it. Think about that ticket, a combination of the first female President and the first openly gay Vice President. It’s a liberal’s dream come true.

Buttigieg was the candidate that former President Barack Obama seemed to favor above most others. He called Buttigieg a rising star and has often referred to him favorably. Obama has also spoken favorably of Harris.

During the primary, Harris – Buttigieg 2020 merchandise started to appear online for purchase, while some still appears online for purchase today. Across social media, many advocated for a Harris/Buttigieg ticket as the two squared off in the primary.

Buttigieg would bring a refinement to the ticket where Harris brings the edginess. Buttigieg has been almost a cheerleader for Harris since becoming more involved in the campaign. We also know he would favor her radical policies, as he is a radical himself.

While the conversation seems hypothetical, it could be more realistic than you initially believe. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has created the 25th Amendment Commission, which will exist long after the election is over. If Biden were to win the election, and the Democrats somehow win 50 seats in the Senate, this is an almost certain reality.

Democrats have no desire for a Joe Biden to lead their party. While Joe may believe he is the Democratic Party, he is far from it. Biden is essentially clueless as to the bigger plans of the Democrats going forward.

Democrats are a party of radical, left-wing communists that want to destroy our country. They want to stack the Supreme Court, force Medicare for All, eliminate gun rights and more. Both Harris and Buttigieg support that move, so its a logical fit.

The Dismal Outlook For Opportunity And Freedom

The Senate is set to start confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett this week. While many conservatives will be excited, the left is starting to face the facts. Barrett appears well on her way to the nomination.  That is not saying that Democrats will not make this into a show as they did with Kavanaugh.

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