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Left-wing media have increased censorship of conservatives since election

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Charlotte, NC — After the election, left-wing media groups have increased their censorship of conservatives. While conservatives have become accustomed to being banned by social media and big tech, the latest moves are taking things even further. It’s giving us a clear picture of what being a conservative in America will be like under a Joe Biden administration.

Twitter started the act with their labeling of President Trump’s tweets since election day. Starting on November 4, President Trump has tweeted 25 times as of the time of this writing. Twitter has placed a label on 10 of those tweets.

One tweet was a reference to ending voter fraud, which obviously Twitter is in support of. Another talks about how votes cast after election day should not be counted. You would think that would be acceptable since there are laws and rules about it, but apparently, that is misleading as well.

They had an issue with a Trump tweet that said he was declaring victory in certain states in the election, and they labeled it as misleading. They said the races were not determined yet. For comparison sake, they did not label a Joe Biden tweet where he also said he was going to win the election.

The censorship against conservatives is not only happening on Twitter but many other social media and big tech platforms as well. Mainstream media is getting in on the action also.

CNN decided to conduct one of their “unbiased” fact checks, where they claim that nearly everything President Trump has said since the election is false. They want to cast doubt on anything our President says because nothing he says can be considered true. They want everyone to doubt everything.

Anderson Cooper even went after Rick Santorum, who defended conservatives on a recent show. Santorum was commenting about why businesses were boarding up their windows, saying that it was not due to Trump supporters. Anderson Cooper obviously had an issue with this, as he interrupted Santorum and said, of course, he would have no issues because he was a white Republican.

Santorum’s statements were true. Conservatives around the country have rallied around polling places with chants of “protect our vote” while their liberal counterparts opt to commit acts of violence. Hundreds were arrested in left-wing acts of violence.

Those acts of violence are acceptable, however, because they are from left-wing groups and not conservatives. If a conservative wanted to stand up for what they believe in, they deserve to be silenced. That’s what Keith Olbermann said just a few weeks ago. He said they deserved to be banished from society, in fact.

The picture of what is going to happen to conservatives in this country is very clear. We only thought censorship and silencing were bad before. Under a Biden administration, it’s about to get much, much worse.

Conservative sites, like ours, should be prepared to be banned from most, if not all, social media and tech platforms. Outside of free speech sites, like Parler, we will most likely not be able to exist. We will eventually be blocked from large search engines, and it will be nearly impossible to find any resemblance of the truth online.

It is important that conservatives be ready for the fight that is coming. It’s important that we realize we must stand for what we believe in and fight for our voice. It was bad before, but you have not seen anything yet.

The Left’s Mission To Silence Conservatives

While we wait for the election results, a picture of what Joe Biden’s America will be for conservatives continues to come into view. It’s not overly surprising, we’ve been experiencing these things for some time. It’s just going to become much, much worse in the coming days if he wins.

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