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Liberals try to back Biden tax plan with lies and attacks on Trump Jr.

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Charlotte, NC — On Wednesday, Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted that Joe Biden wanted to raise taxes on over 80% of Americans. Immediately, Twitter went crazy from those on the left, arguing a recent statement by Joe Biden. Biden recently said that he would not raise taxes on Americans unless they made over $400,000.

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Joe Biden wants to raise taxes on 82% of all Americans.

Twitter users argued that 82% of Americans do not make over $400,000. Many argued that Trump Jr was stupid and he was sharing lies. One can argue the percentage shared, but the fact is the majority of Americans will see a tax increase under Joe Biden.

Back earlier in the year, Biden told donors that he intended to eliminate the Trump tax cuts if he were to be elected. He told donors he intended to eliminate the tax cuts even though most of them would not like the move. While vague, he has shared more details previously that can share how many Americans would see a tax increase.

Last year, Joe Biden shared he would completely eliminate the tax cuts. It was not a move for just those making over $400,000, it was all of those tax cuts. The majority of American homes would see a tax increase as part of this. There’s more.

Abigail Marone also shared that Biden would bring back the tax as part of the Obamacare individual mandate. As she shared below, 74% of those who paid the tax made less than $50,000.

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82% of Americans is trending bc some think Biden won’t raise taxes on Americans making under $400K. But he will.Biden pledged to bring back Obamacare’s individual mandate tax. 74% of households who paid the tax made less than $50K.

These tax increases are not just on the rich, they are on the overwhelming majority of Americans. This proves yet again that the left simply believes the lies that they hear in the Democrats talking points they are not researching the information.

The information shows that Joe Biden will raise taxes. He will not extend those tax cuts, he will end them, and Americans will suffer. Those same Americans that Democrats argue need cash payments immediately.

Biden made similar claims in 2008 stating that he would not support tax increases. He broke that promise all throughout the Obama administration. Americans faced tax increases and a lot of Americans were taxed through the Obamacare tax mandate. Biden is a liar and the story must be told!

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