Biden’s Cancer Charity Is An IRS Sanctioned Grift–$3.7 Million In Salaries But No Money For Research

After his son’s death, Biden started a cancer charity to help fund research. Except it never funded any research, after receiving over $3 million in donations and payouts.

American Churches are Selling Their Souls for Social Acceptance

As congregations continue to decline rapidly, churches in America have sold the sanctity of Jesus Christ to appeal and appease society.

Democrats Believe Minorities Who Voted for Trump ‘Too Stupid to Know Better’

Democrats have treated minorities horribly for years. This year, their reaction to those minorities voting for Trump, well they say they are too stupid to know better.

Tucker Carlson Smacks His Own Network In Epic Monologue

Tucker Carlson takes a smack at Fox News in a recent epic monologue. Apparently, he feels betrayed by the network like the rest of us!

President Biden: The First 100 Days

Biden’s first 100-days will illustrate his commitment to anti-conservatism and clearly define the Democratic destitution planned for America.