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The media says hospitals are out of beds, but here is the real story

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Orlando, FL — Media outlets across the country are reporting that Florida hospitals are out of ICU beds. The media outlets make the story sound amazing, like the hospitals are completely out of beds in the areas that they mention. It drives fear and panic across the US.

So are some hospitals out of ICU beds. Yes, they do show that their ICU beds are full, but the generic comment of the beds being full does not take into account the full story. For example, CNN ran an article on Tuesday, and the headline says, “Florida hospital ICUs near Miami, Orlando and Tampa have hit capacity.” That makes it sound horrible, right?

In the article, CNN talks about how 43 hospitals in 21 counties have hit capacity. It leaves the impression that there are zero ICU beds available for those people in that area. When you go to the live data, you see a different picture.

The primary counties listed in the state of Florida were Broward, Hillsborough, Orange, and Miami-Dade. The live view of those counties shows that they each have beds available. Of the total ICU beds in each county, Broward has 14.75% available, and Hillsborough has 11.37%. Orange has 16.12%, while Miami-Dade has 16.06%.

In a recent report by Miami-Dade, it shows that they have a capacity of 434 ICU beds typically. The other interesting number is that they can convert 532 additional beds to ICU beds if needed.

So the media would have you to believe that they are entirely out of ICU beds, but that’s simply not the case. Yes, this is a strain on the healthcare system. Yes, the virus has spread much more than previous, but we need to be honest, we knew it would.

In every instance of guidance that was given by the CDC, the information was clear. Extreme measures would only slow the spread of the virus. Every safety precaution that is taken only attempts to slow the spread; it does not stop the spread.

Many states and the media are pushing the initiative that wearing masks and handwashing will stop the spread of coronavirus. The truth is, it cannot stop the virus. There is not a magic fabric or chemical in hand sanitizer that prevents it. We can only try to contain it.

This is where the mainstream media and many state health leaders have continued to mislead the American people. Many are using the initiatives and stating that it will stop the spread. The CDC lists on its mask page that it can help slow the spread.

The understanding is that they want to control and minimize the spread until a coronavirus vaccine is ready. Reports are that the vaccine may be ready by the end of the year. Americans are not clear if they will take the vaccine once it becomes available, however.

The reality is that we need to be real and honest about this. Are the admissions up and ICU cases up? Absolutely. Do we need to run around driving more fear and hysteria? No, but that’s precisely what the mainstream media will do, though.

We need honest reporting on the facts. People need to understand if the virus is spreading, ways they can protect themselves, and be allowed to make decisions about what is best for them.

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