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Attention Georgia: Don’t Cave

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There are many new calls coming out regarding Georgia’s abortion law and many calling for boycotting the state. Alyssa Milano, Jason Bateman and others have all spoken out with plans to boycott the state in light of it’s recent abortion law if it goes into effect. I’m sure the potential loss of these less than stellar actors is something that certainly concerns the state of Georgia seeing as how neither of these actors has had a hit film in years.

Netflix has also recently come out and stated their intentions to boycott if the new law goes into effect. According to the CBS article headlines, 92,000 jobs and $2.7 billion in direct spending are at risk with the film industry if it leaves Georgia. Now this should be a reminder that Netflix is the only major production company to come out against this so far. The article continues and states that other states, such as California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, New Mexico New York, and Washington, would all be considered for moving production if the law passes. If Georgia is smart, they will not cave to the pressure.

The justification for this stance goes back directly to HB2 in North Carolina. In 2016, NC passed HB 2, otherwise known as the bathroom bill, prohibiting individuals from using the bathroom they choose, but rather the bathroom of their gender at birth. This set off a national debate and response from the left using the words “hate” and “discrimination” to describe the law. There were all sorts of estimates provided as to how much this law cost the state of North Carolina. Even this CNBC article states that the bill cost NC $3.76 billion. In the end, these are all estimates and there are no numbers to support an exact amount.

Buried in the CNBC article is information regarding the North Carolina economy after HB2 was passed. Apparently, even in the months after HB2 was passed, North Carolina had the nations 10th fastest growing economy. North Carolina was ranked #1 by Forbes for business in 2017 and 2018, much due to the conservative policies put in place by the Republican leadership who passed HB2. Economic investments still came, the economy still grew, all while HB2 was active. If you really study the “repeal” of the law, it’s nothing more than a moratorium on the subject until December 1, 2020 which is nothing more than a political move by Democratic Governor Roy Cooper.

So Georgia should not cave to the pressure of Hollywood and the liberal agenda. Caving for a little money and recognition will do nothing. No one in North Carolina is concerned about a missed Bruce Springsteen concert and no one even remembers the places the NCAA tournament was played in the supposed “boycott” year. Georgia, stand for your morals and for those babies who deserve every right to live.

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