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CBS News calls US law enforcement officers murderers

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Charlotte, NC — On Thursday, CBS News decided that the racial tension across the country was not high enough and needed to be stoked a bit more. They ran an article that law enforcement officers were “killing” black people across the US. Not that those officers would be doing their jobs, but CBS makes it sound as if law enforcement has declared war on Blacks.

The article shares that law enforcement continues to kill blacks at a disproportionate rate since the George Floyd “killing.” The article linked to a gallery where CBS is sharing the names of the 164 blacks “killed” since the beginning of the year by police. The article is misleading however in the story that it shares.

The article talks about how 288 people have lost their lives in interactions with law enforcement from May to August. CBS would like you to believe that all of these were killed in cold-blooded murder, but that is far from the truth. They also want to minimize the fact that of those 288 deaths, only 59 of those were black. Yet, we are to believe this is a war of police on blacks?

Buried in the article it shares that there have been 771 law enforcement “killings” so far this year. Of those, 164 were black according to the data provided. CBS argues that blacks are being “killed” at a higher rate than what they represent in society. It does not take into consideration that perhaps the blacks were the ones who were committing crimes.

The mainstream media wants to continue to drive a narrative that all law enforcement are the bad people here, but that’s not the case. The goal of a law enforcement officer is not to see how many blacks they can kill per year. It is to protect and uphold the law.

The narrative that blacks are being held to a different standard is absurd. The truth of the matter is that everyone is held to the standard of the law. If you obey the law, your chances of being killed by law enforcement drop to near zero.

This seems to puzzle everyone on the left. The left wants to believe that we live in a lawless land where you can do anything you want. You can assault a law enforcement officer or throw Molotov cocktails at them and face no consequences. If you threaten that officer’s life or the life of others, you are placing your own life at risk.

This is not about race at all. It is not about inequality or social justice. This is about creating doubt in the institutions that create order around our country. This is about casting doubt in someone’s ability to enforce laws, creating a situation where many would appear to prefer lawlessness versus order.

This article from CBS News is absolutely a disgrace for journalists everywhere. All law enforcement officers are not cold-blooded murderers. The overwhelming majority are good people attempting to protect and serve communities across our country.

Instead of respect and appreciation, they are mistreated with these disgusting pieces of journalism that attempt to cast doubt on their good. The left continues to attack them as evil, attempting to further divide our country. Again, this is not about social justice or equality. This is about undermining the law and order of our country to tear us further apart.

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Continued Attacks On Law Enforcement By The Mainstream Media

A recent CBS News article continues to brand law enforcement across the country as killers. The article essentially says that law enforcement are nothing but a group of murderers. They are out here killing people all the time, especially black people.  Except that is not the case at all.

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