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CNN fact checks Trump and lies about coronavirus testing availability

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Washington, DC – On Monday, CNN attempted to again fact check President Trump. CNN claims that President Trump’s statements about who can obtain a coronavirus is false. It’s more fake news from CNN.

President Trump said if someone wanted to be tested right now, they would be able to be tested. CNN says that the claim was not true as some states are only allowing people who are symptomatic to become tested for the virus. CNN claims that testing shortages and materials shortages are causing issues.

Unfortunately, CNN is wrong in the fact check of President Trump. If you do want a coronavirus test, you can order one online and do it from the comfort of your own home.

One example is that of LabCorp, a NC based lab who offers COVID-19 testing by mail. If you are someone that needs a test, you can get one through this method, even without symptoms. New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Rhode Island all have restrictions on the service, however.

This restriction is placed by the state governments, so this is out of President Trump’s control. If those states remove the restriction, all of those are able to receive those tests. In fact, the tests are free of charge to anyone who wants them.

There are more at home tests on the way. The FDA just approved the first at-home saliva test. This test is available with a prescription, but they indicate that they are ready to rapidly roll out the test.

Another company, Everlywell, is expected to ramp up their at-home testing kits in the coming weeks as well. As more test kits are available through other means for healthcare workers, Everlywell will turn its attention back to the at home market.

Other sources for testing are available through telemedicine visits around the country. The access to testing has never been better in the United States. We truly have advanced beyond other countries in our testing ability.

Antibody testing is also available across the country for anyone who wants it. Quest Diagnostics has made the antibody testing available through it’s QuestDirect service on the website. This test will help someone that believes they may have had the virus in the past or want to see if they had the virus without symptoms.

The key here is in who actually needs to be tested for the active virus. For instance, LabCorp does not recommend testing through their service unless you are actually at risk for coronavirus. If you answer that you are healthy, have not been exposed and have no symptoms, they will advise you against ordering the test.

This makes sense, but that’s not what the media, like CNN, will tell you. They will continue with the narrative that it should be available for anyone. But you have to think about this, why get tested for the active virus if you have no symptoms or are not at risk? The common sense approach here is you practice social distancing and wear a mask as appropriate to help others.

CNN continues to push the war on President Trump and the disinformation campaign around coronavirus. President Trump has been honest with the American people. We have responded quickly and more effectively than other countries around the world.

The issue is that this goes against the fake news narrative. CNN just wants to continue the fake news narrative against Trump. President Trump may not always get everything 100% correct, but in this instance he is right. These tests are available.

Rather than going after states that restrict their residents from obtaining tests, CNN wants to go after President Trump and lie about it’s fact check. The tests are available. People are able to get them. The fight should be taken to the 4 states mentioned above, not against President Trump.

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