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Fauci: Normal returns when majority of Americans take vaccine

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Charlotte, NC — In recent comments, Dr. Anthony Facui, the infectious disease expert at the center of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, says that a return to normal will take quite some time for the US. He indicated that normal would not happen until sometime in 2021. Specifically, he said that a majority of Americans would need to receive the vaccine.

Various vaccine projects are underway across the world. US-funded vaccines have entered phase 3 trials and the expectation is that a vaccine would be available around the first of the year. Russia recently indicated that they may be on track to release a vaccine by mid-August.

Americans do not have faith in the coronavirus vaccine at this time. A recent poll shows that 70% of Americans would either wait to receive the vaccine, or skip it altogether. The vaccine is expected to be prioritized once released, for healthcare workers and the elderly.

Experts say that the acceptance of the coronavirus vaccine will be a major test for Americans. Doctors continue to push that everyone should take the vaccine, but many Americans are skeptical.

Other polls indicate that there is some faith in a potential US-made vaccine, versus a vaccine made elsewhere. Of those surveyed, 82% in this poll suggest they would consider the US vaccine. Overwhelmingly, Republicans are more skeptical of the vaccine than Democrats.

The vaccine would be one of the fastest produced in American history. Vaccines typically take years to develop with significant investments made into them. The coronavirus vaccine could be potentially created within 12-18 months under the current timeframe.

It is important that our country get back to normal as quickly as possible. We cannot continue to afford to force our economy into a recessed state as we are. We also cannot afford the continued supportive measures that continue to be pushed in Congress.

What is your opinion? If the coronavirus vaccine is released as planned, will you take the vaccine? Let us know in the comments below!

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