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FDA grants emergency authorization for new coronavirus treatment

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Washington, DC – On Sunday, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it was granting an emergency authorization to use convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19 patients. Convalescent plasma is collected from patients who have COVID-19 antibodies and meet donor requirements. The FDA outlined certain requirements that must be met for the use of the treatment.

According to the FDA letter, evidence suggests that the use of the plasma could be beneficial to certain patients who suffer from the coronavirus. Immediately, mainstream media outlets started to attack the announcement of the new treatment authorization.

Many of the suggestions are that Trump pressured the FDA to release the authorization as a political move. Others have suggested there is little data to support the move to approve the plasma treatment.

Much of the research shows that there is significant benefit to treatment for some patients. According to the Associated Press, the Mayo Clinic data supported the move as they had seen significant benefits. In their study of 35,000 patients, there was lower death rates and a higher level of antibodies found in those who received the treatment.

Now the question becomes will the mainstream media and other outlets begin to attack this as they did the hydroxychloroquine treatment that Trump had pushed for. Trump has been pushing for potential treatments for the coronavirus for months.

Other questions are why is the mainstream media fighting potential treatments for the coronavirus? They continue to respond to any suggestion of possible treatment as though the only solution is a vaccine. Any potential treatment for the coronavirus out of Wuhan, China should be considered.

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