Democrats propose new coronavirus relief package, Pelosi, Democrats relief plan,

House Democrats unveil new $3 trillion coronavirus aid package

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Charlotte, NC – House Democrats have unveiled a new $3 trillion coronavirus relief package that will be put up for a vote on Friday. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) unveiled the package on Tuesday which includes $1 trillion for local government relief according to the Associated Press.

In addition to the local government aid, $200 billion was added for hazard pay for healthcare workers, another round of $1200 cash payments to Americans, extended unemployment benefits, housing assistance and more money for testing was included. Additional funding was added for food stamps under the measure and an employee retention tax credit was added.

Democrats say that the measure will be ready for a vote on Friday, but the measure will face tougher scrutiny in the Senate. Senate Republicans have insisted that they are not as interested in moving so quickly on additional relief measures.

President Trump has also resisted some of the proposed measures in this bill. Trump has asked for a payroll tax break to be included in any additional relief plan. This was left out of the Democrat proposal.

Releasing the measure this early gives Democrats the clear advantage in arguing for the more liberal pet projects of this bill. Many Americans will seize hold on the ideas contained and could hold it against Republicans for not agreeing to the package. But the risk is also present for Democrats.

If the coronavirus spread continues to slow, the Democrats may be seen as proposing a solution too quickly. There are some key measures in the bill that will be a consensus agreement, however. The additional funding for the paycheck protection program and additional funding for testing will receive support from both sides.

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  1. What about the people who receive SSI who has been claimed on someone 2019 tax some don’t know or understand why are we not getting help

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