Biden gets a free pass, Democrats,

How long will Joe Biden get a free pass from the media?

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Charlotte, NC — Joe Biden continues to get a free pass from the media and it is completely unexplainable. After another week that shows his continued cognitive decline, Democrats and the media continue to ignore the inevitable. They cannot continue to give Joe Biden a free pass.

If the comments Joe Biden made this week were made by President Trump, the national news would still be reporting and attacking. Instead, they all run nice pieces about how Biden “clarified” his comments about Latinos. Should they not be calling Joe Biden a racist?

That is exactly what they would be doing right now if this was President Trump. Or any other Republican for that matter. The Latino comment is not the only one.

Biden also made comments about how he was not going to take a cognitive test. He asked the reporter why he would take a cognitive test. Then he proceeds to tell the reporter having him take a cognitive test would be like having the reporter take a drug test before his show. He asked the reporter if he was “a junkie.”

Again, if this were President Trump, or were it a Republican, the media would be all over his comments. They would be calling out his racism, his heartless actions, and saying he is not fit to be President.

There are plenty more comments from Biden, like his comments about how 150 million Americans have died from guns and 120 million have died from COVID-19. In each and every instance of these Biden comments, he is given a free pass.

While the media wants to ignore Biden’s actions and comments, Americans are watching closely. The majority of Americans believe that Biden is in the early stages of dementia. Yet the media continues to cover for him.

They are already making excuses for him to skip the debates with the President. They know they cannot afford to have him on the same stage as President Trump, no matter how much Biden says he is looking forward to it. I have said it on multiple occasions, one thing President Trump certainly. has is a sharp mind.

So now the question is now how long will the media and Democrats give Joe Biden a free pass. They have proven that they have no intention to hold him accountable for anything, including his past racist comments. The real question becomes, when will Americans start holding him accountable.

I’m not specifically talking about Democrats in general here. I am referring to those in the middle, the moderates, who we know have a significant amount of control over the election. When will they move against Joe Biden, to realize that he, along with the Democrat party, has lost his mind?

It may be that the movement is already underway. National polls continue to tighten. The most recent poll released as of this writing was a Hill/HarrisX poll, showing Biden as +3%. The previous poll by the same group had Biden as +7. Rasmussen has moved from +6 Biden to now a +3 Biden.

The charting from Real Clear Politics shows that Trump is making a move upward in the polls. The recent Emerson poll is showing that undecided voters are declining as well. This means that many who were in the middle of the road, are starting to go towards President Trump.

Americans are showing the media and the left that they simply do not trust Biden. There are plenty of reasons not to support Joe Biden to be honest. Those moderate Americans must see through the layers of lies and deception, to see that Biden is simply a pawn for the Democrats game. He has nothing to offer and will do nothing to stop their socialist agenda.

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