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Joe Biden admits that he is just doing what he is told to do

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Washington, DC — Joe Biden has admitted that he is just doing what he is told to do. Yes, Joe Biden is just the puppet for the left. This based on multiple statements from Biden and the campaign over the past couple of weeks.

In a campaign fundraising e-mail, Biden admitted that Elizabeth Warren and labor unions crafted his economic policy. In the e-mail, Biden expressed his thanks “including my friend Elizabeth Warren, labor unions, and other progressive partners for their help in putting together this bold new set of policies aimed at healing our economy and ensuring good, dignified jobs for American workers.”

The economic plan is simply Trump talking points from 2016 with hidden socialist plans. In those plans are $15 minimum wage, 12 weeks paid family medical leave, and much more. The economic plan was just one of the many plans that Biden adopted as his own this week.

Biden also released the decisions of the Unity taskforce, a group arranged by Biden and Sanders in exchange for Sanders support and dropping out of the race. A quick look through all the recommendations show that the list represents a significant shift left for the supposed “moderate” Biden.

I talked about both sets of plans in my most recent podcast episode. It’s a move by the left to pander to any group possible, and to attempt to get as many votes for Biden as possible. Rather than running on his own platform, Biden is running on everyone else’s.

Of all the plans that Biden has, he has not developed a single one of them. Why? Because he has 40 years of record in the Senate that show just how horrible his plans are. Not one single person on the left will accept them.

Biden performed so miserably in the primary debates, that everyone had to be convinced to drop out to let him be the front runner. While all the candidates were in, he was far from the front runner. It was clear to the Democrats all along, they simply could not win the election with their failed policy alone.

They had to have a puppet. They needed someone that could be the face of the party, sticking to the talking points while they force-fed policy positions to them. Enter Joe Biden into the picture.

Biden is a great puppet candidate. He’s only had to leave his basement 3 times in the past 4 months for events. It’s allowed him to get some great photo opportunities and video snippets for the media to play. He takes the policy and just repeats the same talking points.

While anyone with common sense is questioning his cognitive ability, the Democrats have learned that Biden will simply repeat those lines as he is told. It helps cover for his dementia and gaffes when he can stick to the script. It leaves us with one simple question.

Who is the puppet master? It’s certainly not AOC, Bernie Sanders, or any of these other socialists. It’s not the Democratic party or the American people.

It’s being funded by leftist billionaires. Think about those like George Soros. It isn’t the first time that Soros can be tied to the left, nor the first time to him taking part in a government overthrow. Yes, Biden is simply doing what these billionaires are telling him to do.

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