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Mayor says history has no place in Richmond

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Richmond, VA – On Wednesday, Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney ordered the immediate removal of confederate statues across the city. The authority for such a move was granted by new laws that went into effect on Wednesday on July 1 allowing local authorities to decide whether they wanted to keep the statues or not. Stoney did not give any thought to the measure, immediately ordering the statues down.

The reasoning given for the removal was one of public safety. The mayor said, “as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge, and protestors attempt to take down Confederate statues themselves, or confront others who are doing so, the risk grows for serious illness, injury, or death.” He claims it was in an effort to protect the public.

Immediately after saying it was for protection of the public, he then says it was to heal the city. The question is, heal the city from what? The mayor says the city is constantly grappling with the history of the Confederacy. Is it really?

The Confederacy ended May 5, 1865. We are over 150 years removed, but he claims the city is still struggling to heal. This is as absurd as the suggestion that we should pay reparations for slavery.

Not one single person alive today was responsible for the Confederacy. Not one single person alive today was responsible for slavery. Are we really claiming that a person is responsible for the acts of another?

That is exactly what these individuals on the left are claiming. If you have a family member that owned slaves, you are responsible for that. If you had a family member that fought for the Confederacy, you are a racist and you cannot exist. The mere idea of this is asinine.

This is part of a larger move by the left to attempt to erase any history that our nation has. They are not concerned with only erasing “racist” history, but they want to eliminate all history. It’s not for the safety of the public, it’s so the public will never learn from the good and bad of our nation’s past.

The Mayor of Richmond is saying that he wants to act like these things never happened. Richmond has a past where it played an important part in the changing of events. Rather than seeing how the city changed, he wants you to act like it never happened.

I am not supporting racism. I have never supported it. I do not support slavery either. I support freedom for all. Part of that freedom means understanding the mistakes of our past and learning to not fall for them again.

The Mayor of Richmond says history has no place in the city. Do not come there if you want to talk about how amazing America is now, compared to what it used to be. Do not promote the ideas of freedom and equality in Richmond, because they do not believe in those things.

If he did, he would believe in history. History is what teaches us where we were, what we were, and how far we’ve come. This is not the Confederacy anymore. We used to be the United States of America. Now, the Democrats have us as divided as we have ever been.

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