media is frustrated because they cannot eliminate Trump

Media frustrated because they cannot count Trump out

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Charlotte, NC — Over the weekend, the frustration of the mainstream media continues to become clear. They want President Trump to be out of the 2020 race, but they simply cannot count him out. Evidence continues to show that Trump is far from out of this race.

They continue to want to run articles about how President Trump is down so far, with no chance to win. It was not too long ago that they told us that he was down by 15 points nationally. Similar stories were published in 2016. Recent polls show that the race is well within the margin of error.

CBS News ran a story that was very pro-Biden, trying to show that Georgia and North Carolina were in play for Biden. The polls show Biden up 4 on Trump in North Carolina and up 1 in Georgia. The margin of error was 3.8% in North Carolina and 3.4% in Georgia. Trump won Georgia by 5.1% in 2016 and won North Carolina by 3.6%.

The national polls are tightening as well. The most recent Emerson poll, released Friday, shows Biden up 4 nationally. The margin of error in that poll was 3.1%. This race is much closer than anyone would like to say, and that drives the media crazy.

Just look around at some of the media outlets and its easy to see. On Sunday, CNN had articles talking about how Biden is eating into Trump’s rust belt voters and that he was trailing in NC. The Hill was running an article about what the GOP looks like after a Trump defeat.

The NY Times ran an article saying Trump was struggling so much that he just turned off advertising. They even ran an article suggesting what will happen overseas if Trump were to lose. The media is coordinating their efforts to try to suppress Trump voters.

These are just a few of the examples, but you get the idea. No matter what they do, they simply cannot rule out President Trump. It seems they do not understand how Americans could want this man to be their President for 4 more years.

They do not understand how Americans could not want socialism or the soon to follow communism. The thought that Americans are ok with a political outsider who is disrupting the status quo of American politics is mesmerizing.

It’s almost as if we are watching 2016 play out all over again. We have heard the stories before. There was no chance that President Trump could beat Hillary Clinton, he trailed by large margins in the polls. They led with the narrative that no one would or could want such a brash man to be President.

President Trump is far from out of this 2020 election race, as frustrating as that may be for the media. He is not a perfect President, but he has put the interests of Americans first, just as he said he would.

He called a lot of the issues we are facing long before they happened. He told us we were too dependent on China. We all know this to be true after the pandemic. He told us that there was widespread corruption and people out to destroy him. We have seen that play out as well.

So while the media will continue to share that Trump is out of this race, do not believe that for one second. Anything can happen in November and we cannot throw away our country to these radical Democrats. We must remain vigilant, because if he doesn’t win, America is going to become a very difficult place to live.

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