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Mitt Romney continues to think he is relevant in politics

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Charlotte, NC — On Saturday, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) spoke out about President Trump’s decision to commute the sentence of Roger Stone. Romney made the statement via Twitter, where he said it was unprecedented and historic corruption. Stone was indicted as part of the Mueller investigation.

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Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president.

You have to know the entire story about how we got to this point with Stone. A fake dossier funded by the Clinton campaign led to an FBI investigation. The suggestion of potential conspiracy led to a Justice Department inquiry and the subsequent Mueller investigation. The Mueller investigation found absolutely nothing, but Stone was charged with lying during the investigation.

Romney is the only Republican who voted to impeach President Trump. What does this mean? It means he believes the Russia hoax. The same hoax that has been disproven hundreds of times.

He has openly opposed anything that has attempted to look into corruption, like the Ukraine investigations. He has openly said he will not support President Trump, joining the likes of George W Bush. Both of these are far from true Republicans.

Mitt Romney must also forget many of the other times clemency was used by a President that raises questions. What about the time that President Ford pardoned Richard Nixon? I guess that was not a questionable case for Romney to consider.

There were several more you can consider, as well. Clinton pardoned his half brother, a clear case of nepotism. George H. W. Bush also pardoned several involved in the Iran-Contra scandal. Barack Obama commuted the sentence of an Army intelligence officer named Chelsea Manning, who released classified military information.

None of those instances caused a concern for Mitt Romney. Yet, this case against his arch-nemesis President Trump does. The issue for Romney is not corruption, the issue is that he actually believes he is still relevant to politics.

Not one single person in the Republican party gives any care or concern to Mitt Romney anymore. Why? Because he has proven he is anything other than a Republican. He continues to do his own thing, which is what Romney has always done.

While the majority of Republicans have called the Black Lives Matter riots of destruction a disgrace, Romney proceeded to go march with them. He boasted of the act on his Twitter page sharing his photo not long after a photo of his father marching in the 60’s civil rights movement. The two are completely different.

Anytime Romney needs attention, he only has to speak out against President Trump and he is instantly on the breaking news feed. The mainstream media and liberals everywhere celebrate Romney. Aside from when he is willing to go against Trump and Republicans, you never hear anything from Mitt Romney. Why? He is irrelevant.

Romney is in the last major elected position he will ever hold. He will never be President, and it’s highly unlikely he will ever be the senior Senator for Utah. His approval among those in Utah dropped significantly when he voted against President Trump, and he continues to choose this road every chance he gets.

Romney continues to be confused that he is relevant to politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. No one cares about his opinions.

So many times failed Presidential candidates struggle to move on. It’s nice to see Romney found something to pass the time until retirement. It’s just unfortunate that any legacy he had is ruined by becoming a sellout.

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