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NBC and Chuck Todd prove you cannot trust the main stream media

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Charlotte, NC – On Sunday, NBC ‘Meet the Press’ host Chuck Todd provided deceptively edited video to prove a point. NBC admitted the video was deceptively edited late on Sunday. The video was part of a sequence talking about AG Barr’s comments on Michael Flynn.

On Twitter, Greg Price from The Daily Caller shared a video which shows Todd’s edits along with the real statement of Barr. The difference is quite alarming.

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This is just the latest example of how the media utilizes statements to push an agenda. While the media will argue it’s trying to share the truth, this is far from sharing the truth. This is pushing an alternative agenda and deceptively biased.

So far, there has been no response from Chuck Todd. But there has been plenty of response on the right. Multiple calls from media personalities are for Todd to be fired for his actions. President Trump also supports the move.

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All eyes are on NBC as they continue to respond to this. Our expectation is that they will have no further response and have Todd issue an apology on air at some point. We would also expect President Trump to continue to call this out in any interaction with Todd in the coming days.

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