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North Carolina Democrats alter election rules through the court system in effort to sway election

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Charlotte, NC — In North Carolina, Democrats are attempting to alter election rules in an attempt to sway the election results in the battleground state. The action comes at the hand of the corrupt Governor Roy Cooper and his politically charged Board of Elections. In North Carolina, the party that controls the governorship controls the Board of Elections.

This in itself should show a problem already. Those who oversee elections should not be affiliated with a political party as a means of their position. The issue presented itself this week and now the Department of Justice is involved.

The Board of Elections was sued by a Democratic power lawyer, Marc Elias, who has been involved in many voting rights cases. The attorney found several retirees to go along with the lawsuit. The case involved mail-in ballots, which have become so controversial this year.

In 2018, the NC General Assembly changed the voting by mail laws due to a ballot harvesting case. The case actually involved a Republican congressional candidate and the laws were changed to prevent this from happening. With the new settlement, those laws are now overturned and Democrats can attempt their corruption.

Several Republican members of the NC General Assembly spoke out against the settlement. Another person to speak out was NC Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.

Forest, a candidate for Governor, requested that the US Department of Justice investigate the case. As Forest notes, the case was negotiated by a Democratic-led Board of Elections, a Democratic Attorney General, and a corrupt Democratic lawyer. This certainly gives it an unbiased appearance, doesn’t it?

After several lawmakers spoke out about the case, the two Republican members of the Board of Elections resigned immediately. It is unclear who their replacements will be, but Republicans will move quickly to name those individuals.

As Forest notes, the election is just 6 weeks away and these changes compromise the integrity and trust in the election and the election process. Democrats will use this to their advantage in an effort to win the swing state of NC and gain more power and influence across the state. It is just more of the corruption North Carolinians have come to expect from Governor Roy Cooper.

Across the country, there are similar stories playing out. Time and again, Democrats are working to change the rules to help them win against President Trump. They want to do anything they can to make sure every person, living and dead, can vote in 2020.

In Nevada, they have worked to make sure that someone can fill out ballots for seniors in nursing facilities. It is a similar ballot harvesting campaign that Democrats are working to conduct.

This is all the more reason that President Trump has indicated that the seat on the Supreme Court needs to be filled. This election will be much worse than the 2000 election and the case in Florida. The election may not be decided for quite some time.

The Democrats continue to ignore, change, and cheat their way to power. The entire time, they are pointing the fingers at Republicans to distract from what they are really doing. The Democrats really do not care about the rules.

I talk about the North Carolina case in more detail on my most recent podcast. You can check it out at the link below.

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Democrats Do Not Care About Laws

In North Carolina, Democrats have started a coordinated effort to undermine election laws. Just 6 weeks ahead of the 2020 election, Democrats have sued the state board of Elections to overturn 2018 changes by the NC General Assembly.  Those changes in 2018 came about due to a ballot harvesting case that involved a Republican congressional candidate.

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