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Obama blames his administration for ‘chaotic disaster’ in coronavirus response

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Washington, DC – On Saturday, former President Barack Obama blamed his administration for the chaotic disaster in the coronavirus response. Speaking on a private call, Obama said that the coronavirus response would have been bad even in the best of governments. He spoke out against the US response calling it a chaotic disaster.

The blame for the disaster, in Obama’s opinion, is a selfish, tribal and divided mentality that he claims is being seen in Americans. He attempted to blame this on President Trump, but he fails to remember that his administration is where that division started.

When President Trump was elected, partisan division was at its highest ever recorded level according to Pew Research. An AP poll at the time showed that 44% of the country said we were more divided while only 27% said we were more unified. Obama is not the miraculous uniter that he visions himself as being.

He presided over the increased racial tensions in the United States. Obama accelerated the black lives matters movement creating further tension between citizens and police. Republicans have called out his divisiveness for years, which the left seems to want to continue to ignore.

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The corrupt politics of the Obama administration continue to be on full display. In the same conversation, Obama spoke out against the Michael Flynn charge dismissal saying the rule of law is at risk. But Obama wanted to steer clear of his potential involvement in this case.

In what the left will refer to as “right wing media babble,” the dominoes are starting to fall in an elaborate plan to undermine the Trump administration. It was a plan of corruption to undermine Michael Flynn and the Trump administration led by the FBI. There will be other dominoes to fall in this.

President Trump has also indicated the additional information that is coming. He suggested this in statements soon after the Flynn charges were dropped. We know the FBI was directed to target Flynn by Comey, but the real question comes to Obama and Biden’s knowledge of this.

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These kind of actions are what divided our country. The corruptness of the Obama administration and the forcing of their will on everyone divided our nation. Republicans and Independents saw what was happening. In response, you have President Trump.

So if the response to coronavirus is because of a divided nation, then Obama can simply only blame himself and his administration. The reason Obama wants to be so involved in this years election is probably not so much President Trump. He probably wants to be involved to save his image.

Many from the Obama administration will most likely face charges. It could be that Biden and Obama are both implicated in the coming “bombshell” that is expected in the next week. President Trump quickly retweeted a comment about that. He knows something good is coming.

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