President Trump says he will act on his own, Congress, Democrats,

President Trump announces he will take action without Congress

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Charlotte, NC — Speaking on the recent breakdown in talks with Congress on a coronavirus aid package, President Trump states he will take action on his own. In his comments, he said that he would act through executive order to defer payroll tax through the end of the year, enhance unemployment benefits through the end of the year, defer student loans, and extend eviction moratoriums if Democrats continue to refuse to negotiate.

The comments came at his impromptu press conference at his Bedminister, New Jersey resort. He said that Democrats were holding the relief package hostage, and that if they did not act, he would act as President to help Americans. Many of the points he supported were those that were expected. Not mentioned were the $1200 checks to Americans, as has been previously discussed.

Steve Mnuchin and Mark Meadows both spoke after talks broke down on Friday and said that they would recommend President Trump take action through Executive Order. It is reported that President Trump could sign the orders over the weekend.

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