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Recent survey shows just how radical the left has become

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Charlotte, NC — A recent article shares interesting insight into just how radical the left has become. By left, I am not just merely referring to the Democratic Socialists of America or their followers. I’m talking about liberal voters, who would identify themselves as either liberal or very liberal.

Eric Kaufmann shared his survey results over at Quillette last week. Some of the information that is found in the survey will shock you, while others may not surprise you nearly as much. Here are some of the key takeaways.

Of those who identify as either liberal or very liberal:

  • They overwhelmingly favor changing the National Anthem
  • They overwhelmingly favor a radical overhaul of the US Constitution
  • They overwhelmingly favor destroying US infrastructure in favor of more representative public space
  • They overwhelmingly favor removing statues of any white men from public spaces until statues match demographics of the population
  • They overwhelmingly favor abolishing National Parks and just letting them return to nature

This is just a few of the takeaways from the survey. Those who identified as very liberal favored destroying Mount Rushmore, alter the way history is taught in public schools to be more socially acceptable, and to rename streets and neighborhoods until they match the demographics of the population.

Again, we are not just talking about the radical craziness of the AOC’s of the world, we are talking about liberals in general. The questions were asked in a way that it was no mistaking that we were talking about a complete transformation of the United States.

Take for example the question about changing the name of our country. This question was proposed as “Move, after an open public process, to a new name for our country that better reflects the contributions of Native Americans and our diversity as a people.” Of those asked, 33% of liberal and 41% of very liberal respondents agreed with that question.

Or we can look a the question about the Constitution. It was proposed as, “Move, after public consultation, to a new American constitution that better reflects our diversity as a people.” Of the respondents, 70% of liberals and 79% of very liberals supported this move. This is not just a handful of people, it’s the overwhelming majority of them.

As a last example, let’s look at how the National Anthem was presented. It was proposed as, “Move, after public consultation, to a new American anthem that better reflects our diversity as a people.” Of the respondents, 71% of liberal and 80% of very liberal supported this change.

This change did not come overnight. I have shared multiple times in articles and on my podcast that this is an agenda. This is a complete cultural revolution that the left is wanting to take on. Kaufmann shares the same belief.

Events over the past few months have poured gasoline on the fire of cultural change in the United States. Kaufmann found that the general shift in ideology before and after the protests showed one major result. The country is dramatically moving to the left, and it’s happening fast.

The attempt to wipe our country free from its history and culture by removing monuments and traditions will not change the past. These events will only change the future, causing people to forget what they had. Instead of living in freedom, they will live in a perverted version of freedom that is anything but freedom.

It is essential that American’s remember their past. We need to see the cultural swing that is attempting to take place right in front of our eyes. If we fail to see it, we will fail to prevent the radical change that it wants to bring about.

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