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Six states show increase in reported coronavirus cases

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Orlando, FL – As states continue to work through reopening plans, six states have reported an increase in new cases. Florida, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Nevada all reported record high cases of coronavirus cases in the past few days. Cases are also on the rise in North and South Carolina.

Many are renewing calls for mandatory masks, increased restrictions and other measures to help control the spread of the virus. One virologist has suggested that North and South Carolina, Alabama and Arizona should all go back to phase 1 of their opening plan due to the recent increase in cases. The move comes as many economies are starting to recover from the forced recession by the stay orders.

A major concern is hospitalizations and available hospital beds in each state. Hospitalizations have increased and many states are starting to see their beds fill up. On Wednesday, North Carolina was reporting 21% of it’s hospital beds were open and available. Some of the counties in the state with higher reported cases were struggling with capacity, indicating that hot spots are an issue.

This is exactly what some of the governors have stated. Florida Governor DeSantis said that he was focused on hot spots. Texas Governor Abbott attributed some of the cases in his state to potential violation of restrictions in bars.

Many experts had warned cases would increase as the stay orders were relaxed. Many issued warnings amid the recent protests, but they seemed to be ignored by the media.

The media has renewed it’s interest in coronavirus now that the George Floyd protests have subsided. It seems that everyday there are articles pushing for new closures and restrictions. The media pushed for lawsuits and to stop an upcoming Trump rally amid concerns of spread.

The difference in focus on how to handle the pandemic is certainly split across party lines. Republican led states are more open to allowing a more balanced opening, while Democratic led states seem to favor more restrictions.

The latest news in coronavirus cases comes as researchers in England have found a treatment that is working well to help prevent death. Dexamethasone is performing well in studies when given to help coronavirus patients.

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