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Testimony ties Bill Clinton to Epstein’s private island and two ‘young girls’

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Charlotte, NC – In newly released court documents, Virginia Giuffre says that Bill Clinton was on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island with 2 young girls. In the information, the girls were shared to have been from New York and it is said that Epstein mentioned Clinton owed him favors.

Flight records show that Clinton traveled regularly with Epstein and his staff. Accusations have been made about Clinton traveling to the island, but there has been no proof. Clinton has long been suspected of having relationships with minors since the Epstein scandal broke.

In the testimony, it was said that Clinton and Epstein were in each other’s pockets. It was also mentioned that sexual activities were common inside of Epstein’s home. Giuffre said she witnessed Clinton at the residence herself while she was there.

On Friday morning, Clinton’s spokeswoman released a statement denying the allegations. Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys tried to stop the release of information as well. They claim that it will not allow Maxwell to receive a fair trial.

Maxwell is in jail awaiting trial for her connection to the Epstein crimes. Epstein died in August 2019 while in custody. The death has been surrounded in much controversy and the subject of many conspiracy theories.

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