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The coronavirus numbers no one is talking about

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Charlotte, NC — On Sunday, the Associated Press ran a breaking news alert that Flordia had “shattered” the single-day record for coronavirus cases. Over 15,000 new cases were reported in the state on Sunday, breaking the record for single-day reporting. The AP used this as a means to attack putting kids back in school in the fall and holding the GOP convention in Jacksonville.

It seems that each time new cases are reported, the media celebrates. It’s a celebration of our fellow Americans getting sick and each day a few more deaths. The entire time, the media ignores a few key pieces of information.

The media is only interested in reporting negative news. One key piece of information they ignore is how many have recovered from coronavirus. Yes, 15,000 more people tested positive, but how many have recovered?

Most states have ignored this number as well. Many are not tracking the recoveries and are simply ignoring it. I checked several states, all of them are simply reporting cumulative totals, which continue to drive the narrative that the mainstream media wants.

In New York, over 400,000 have tested positive for the virus. Florida reports over 269,000 cases of coronavirus. There are no indications of anyone that has recovered. Not one single data point. Are we supposed to believe that all of these people are sitting at home with this virus?

I personally know several people who have tested positive for the virus. They are part of the numbers in the state of North Carolina, and every single one of them is back to their normal lives. The media will not report that, however.

Another key piece of information that is being ignored is how many of these tests are repeat tests. The states are reporting positive tests when they report the data. A great example of this is in the NC reporting data.

North Carolina is reporting that they have confirmed over 85,000 cases of coronavirus. These are not individual cases, but positive tests. In my research, multiple sources were asked the question about if cases could be duplicative. In all instances, they responded yes. If a person tests positive, it’s reported as a positive test to the state, even if it’s a repeat test.

So the question is, how inflated are the numbers? In the case of those I said I knew who had the virus, one of those friends had two positive tests. So of those 85,000 confirmed cases in NC, he represents 2 of those positive tests. There are no doubt countless others. The CDC also lists this on their website as a potential issue with the data.

There are reports of individuals that continue to test positive for an extensive length of time after their initial infection. This article shares one such story, where a patient tested positive for 55 days after their first positive test. Such reports have caused the CDC to look at moving to a symptom-based strategy for some infected with coronavirus. This will lead to decreased repeat positives.

As the media continues to hype the coronavirus, we have to be cautious and truly look at the information. The data is being manipulated by the mainstream media to push their narrative. Not to mention the fact that the data is not overly accurate to begin with.

According to the latest CDC data, the coronavirus has affected just under 1% of the US population. The amount of positives reported include both those who tested positive for the active virus as well as those who tested positive for the antibodies. The CDC lists almost 41 million tests having been performed, Yet, across the country numerous testing locations are not included in the test data that is being reported.

We cannot put all of our faith in the reporting of the mainstream media. In no way am I claiming to be the coronavirus expert, but it is important to know all of the information.

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