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The mainstream media is losing control

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Charlotte, NC — Just a little over a week away from the election and the mainstream media’s narrative is beginning to fall apart. It’s been four years in the making, but it seems that things are unraveling.

In the four years, they have been on the anti-Trump bandwagon, we have dealt with a Russia hoax, a wasteful Mueller investigation, and an impeachment debacle. In each instance, Democrats and the mainstream media have failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing. Despite thousands of articles and millions of dollars spent, there is very little to show for it.

It has not stopped them as they continue to fight against President Trump, attempting to influence the election any way they possibly can. They continue to refuse to cover anything that is against Joe Biden, even though the evidence is mounting.

New reports are that Joe Biden was clearly involved in Hunter Biden’s dealings in China and Ukraine. Witnesses have spoken out verifying that the events have taken place. Fox News has several exclusives, including text messages, implicating Joe Biden in the actions.

During the debate on Thursday night, Biden repeatedly denied any involvement or financial gain as part of Hunter’s business dealings. Yet, the evidence is telling a different story. We are told Joe is “the big guy” receiving a cut of all the dealings of his son and his brother in China.

The business partner of Hunter Biden clearly tells the story that Joe Biden was involved. He shares how he was intimidated on coming forward, suggesting that doing so would be a bad idea for everyone involved.

Now, Democrats are begging everyone to drop this China and Ukraine story tying Biden to corruption. Two Democrats from the Senate sent a letter to the FBI asking them to please overlook the case. One of those Senators was even named as potentially involved in the Biden corruption themselves.

As Americans vote and continue to hear more, they are growing more and more skeptical of Joe Biden. Polls are narrowing, with many battleground states in favor of Trump or moving towards Trump.

North Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, and more are all within the margin of error favoring President Trump. According to Real Clear Politics, Joe Biden is on the move down, and Trump is on the move up.

With these moves, it shows that Americans are wisening up to the sham that the Democrats are pulling. For years, Democrats have been misleading Americans while they profit illegally. Trump promised to drain the swamp, and he is hard at work exposing them.

The mainstream media can continue to ignore the story, but their attack train is coming off the rails. We are told more evidence is coming, and it could not come soon enough. Americans are voting and need to know a deep corruption that exists.

Reporters are now arguing about the situation. NPR even says that the story has no merit and they refuse to cover it.

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The American people deserve answers. They deserve to hear how corrupt Joe Biden is. For four years, the mainstream media has told them nothing but how corrupt Trump is without any evidence. The evidence is here, but the media refuses to share.

Thankfully, conservative outlets are sharing the stories and the news is getting out in public. Americans are learning and seeing the story is real. The narrative is changing and Democrats are going to learn a tough lesson.

The Left Is Beginning To Lose Control

For four years, the left has controlled the narrative against President Trump. The left-wing media has created stories about Trump and ran with them. Without vetting them for accuracy or for having actual evidence. They still ran those stories. We’ve had the Russia hoax, the Mueller investigation, the impeachment debacle and in each instance they could locate no evidence against Trump.

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