Trump says no to lockdowns in a potential second wave

Trump says no to future lockdowns

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Charlotte, NC – During a tour of a Ford manufacturing plant in Michigan, President Trump said that there would be no closures in a potential second wave of COVID-19. He acknowledged that a second wave was possible, but that he has no indications of shutting down.

According to The Hill, President Trump said that his administration intends to address the fires, rather than a widespread closure as happened this time. His statements come in confidence that the nation is more prepared to handle an outbreak in the future. The US is testing more than any other nation and is much better-prepared thanks to the use of the Defense Production Act.

While the left will be critical of the statements, this is the correct move by President Trump. Our nation simply cannot handle another shutdown. In many instances, we will struggle to recover from this one.

The struggle does not come at the hands of Americans, or even President Trump. It comes at the hands of polices that forced closures of businesses. Many of those businesses will never open again. It’s a sad result of the pandemic.

President Trump knows that the nation cannot handle more of this. We know that cases of the coronavirus will rise, but it doesn’t mean that we need more closure.

More people are suffering due to the shutdowns than are suffering from the coronavirus. The stay orders have not prevented the spread of coronavirus. They are not a cure. Nothing will slow the spread until a vaccine is present or everyone develops immunity.

We also have the data out of Sweden. They implemented measures to encourage social distancing and restrictions on the elderly in facilities. Just as experienced in the US, their highest death rates are in those long term care facilities.

Other essential data shows that the spread in Sweden is similar to that of countries on strict lockdown. This would also be supported by recent data out of New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) said that he was surprised by the spread even amid the lockdown. It’s because the lockdown cannot prevent it.

President Trump is making the right call. The lockdowns are only hurting businesses and Americans. We should encourage the high-risk individuals to take personal responsibility and protect themselves. It is not up to the government or everyone in society around you to take care of you.

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