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What the Media Is Not Telling You About Iran and Iraq

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Iran and Iraq have been in the news consistently for the past several days. While the left and the main stream media would have you think that this issue started when the US Embassy was attacked, but that is not the case. This issue has been going for some time now. The problem is, our US media does not do it’s job.

Ever since the US invaded Iraq during the Bush administration, Iranian influence has been building inside Iraq. This NPR article shares a lot of information regarding how Iraq was influenced by Iran after 2003. This is not a recent tie, but a long standing relationship. It certainly sets the stage for what has happened in recent months. Specifically, why the Iranian general was in Iraq in the first place.

There’s a small line in each of the news articles that you read that talks about “Iran proxy militia’s.” Iran has long been investing in relationships with proxy militias across the Middle East. This is why Iran has been in the discussion regarding most of the interaction with Middle East nations for years. But the relationship goes beyond the proxy militias.

Even in the case of Syria, Iran played a part. As recently as two years ago, Iran was working to repopulate areas with Shiite settlers in an effort to influence control. These same Shiite Muslims have long had disagreements with the Sunni in the region. In fact, there was a battle in Iraq in their past that led to a bitter relationship between the two sects. The disagreement? The continuation of their Muslim religion, but that’s another story.

The Iranians have long been partnered with this Shiite segment of Islam. It is this same segment of Shiite’s that have been leading protests in Iraq since October. These protests led to the Prime Minister of Iraq stating he would resign. So the Shiite’s have been influencing the region for some time, but specifically they are a major force right now. Why else would major Iranian leaders be in Iraq other than to exhibit influence on them. This is exactly why the general was there.

Then came the attack on the US Embassy. Iran knew that Trump would respond, as he said he would. It gave them the action that they needed to put their plan into place. The Shiite’s then started pushing for expelling the US troops from Iraq by Parliament. This is exactly what the Iraqi Parliament did on Sunday, from the influence of Iran on Iraq policy. It also gave Iran the necessary act it needed to justify withdrawing from the Nuclear deal.

So the main stream media and the left are telling you that this was a horrible move by Trump and that he set off the potential of war. This could not be further from the truth. Iran actually was putting this action into place some time ago. Maybe you remember the media attacking former security advisor John Bolton. While it appeared on the surface Bolton wanted war with Iran, I truly think Bolton was reading all this information between the lines so to speak.

President Trump did not start this, but he was simply a pawn in the plan that Iran had in place. Now, it has a justification for its people for war with the United States. It also has the justification of the withdrawal from the nuclear deal. Finally, they have spread their influence into Iraq and the once promising democracy in the region is now teetering in the balance.

I certainly do not disagree with Trump’s move to take out the general. He was a terrorist and responsible for a lot of death and murder. Yet, he was just a pawn in the plan as well. Iran has positioned itself to be a major influence in the area, and now they intend to play that influence against the United States. Additionally, they placed an $80 million bounty on President Trump.

It is very important to watch the next several days to see what happens. Which Democrats will condemn the action by Iran to place the bounty on Trump? What other countries will step up to condemn the action by the United States or by Iran? While I do not see this as a full scale WW3 as some have suggested, it does have significant implications into the security of the Middle East and our ally Israel.

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