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Words matter, unless you are a Democrat

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Charlotte, NC – Words are a fantastic way to be able to express yourself and communicate with others. Communication is an amazing tool, when it’s used appropriately. When it’s not used appropriately, it can show all your weaknesses.

This is exactly what happened as part of the Democratic National Convention on Monday night. Michelle Obama gave the keynote speech on a night that was filled with statements by Republicans and Democrats alike. In the end, the only thing that remained is a party that is lost.

Take for example Michelle Obama’s speech herself. In her statements she talked about what it took to be a President. In the speech, she said, ““It requires clear-headed judgment, a mastery of complex and competing issues, a devotion to facts and history, a moral compass, and an ability to listen — and an abiding belief that each of the 330,000,000 lives in this country has meaning and worth.”

Kylee Zempel at The Federalist was quick to call out how this immediately disqualifies Biden from holding the office of President. Biden continues to struggle with words. Simply communicating basic ideas and thoughts are a challenge to him.

He’s struggled to quote the Declaration of Independence. He’s made racist comparisons. He has issues completing sentences and basic thoughts on various interviews. This is not just a one time thing either.

A former White House physician, who is very familiar with Biden, says that he is certain something is wrong. This is nothing new to us. Everyone, including most Democrats, know that something is wrong with Joe.

The fact is, these words really do matter as a President. As the media continually attacks President Trump over his statements and comments, it’s important to look both ways. Even Joe Biden has admitted that words matter, as you can see in the video below.

This is why I have continued to suggest that the Democrats plan is to eliminate Joe Biden after the nomination or very soon after the election if he wins. Democrats are not voting for a Joe Biden for President. They are voting for the extreme left-wing radical Kamala Harris.

I would not recommend anyone sit around and waste their night watching the Hollywood National Convention. Unless you are into watching Hollywood and the media run a star studded, non-stop fundraising ad.

Instead, worry about reading the words the next day. You can clearly see that the words do matter, even to the Democrats. Listen to their words, like those of Michelle Obama. You’ll quickly see that Biden is not right for America.

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