Dan Crenshaw’s Texas Campaign Ad May Be The Best Ever!

Houston, TX — Everything’s bigger in Texas — and campaign ads are no exception. Republican Congressman, former Navy SEAL, and author, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, dropped an epic, four-minute spot on Thursday casting … Read More

Brown University Prof. Demands Refunds From Airbnb Due to ‘Racist’ Trump Sign In Yard

Providence, RI — Vacation — it’s supposed to be relaxing.  But for Cary Bueno, PhD, a researcher at Brown University, her planned attempt at some R&R from life’s stresses became a personal … Read More

Hillary Clinton Condemns Trump’s ‘Lust for Power’ Over Filling SCOTUS Seat

New York, NY — Solidifying her place as the most tone-deaf person on the planet, Hillary Clinton had a lot to say about America’s Supreme Court situation Sunday morning with … Read More

Democrats Don’t Hate McConnell, Democrats Hate the Separation of Powers

Washington, DC — We all knew this was coming.  This is the equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb on a train wreck of charlie-foxtrot dumpster fires.  If the 2020 election … Read More

BLM and Antifa Harass Diners, Residents, Attacking Media and Gay Men Who Stand Up to Them

Washington, DC — Black Lives Matter and Antifa were in D.C. this weekend and back to their normal antics of harassing people for having the audacity and temerity to eat … Read More

Rasmussen: Trump Now Leading Biden with Approval at Record High

Charlotte, NC — Rasmussen has some pretty fascinating polling out.  And while they tend to have more positive polling for the president, they also are among the few that was … Read More

Trump continues to perform stronger with Latinos than was expected

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University of Michigan Hosts Two Coffee Shops: One for Whites, One for Everyone Else

Dearborn, MI — Several decades ago and, thanks to the Republican Party, America decided it was wrong to segregate people according to their race. Based on many, many things coming from … Read More