S. Bennett McKinley

S. Bennett McKinley

S. Bennett McKinley is a writer at The Liberty Loft. He is a graduate from Appalachian State University, Western Carolina University and Villanova University. He is an undeserving follower of Christ, an outspoken pro-life, and a small government advocate. For his hobbies, He loves engaging in politics, is an avid firearms enthusiast, and enjoys spending time with his wife and son.

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Devotionals from Another Well Ministries

Never far away

There are times in life when we may feel like God is so far away from us. But the truth is, God is never far away. [...]

What would you rather have?

The world would love to offer you millions of other things to replace Jesus in your life, but nothing compares to Him! [...]

Losing your focus

The winds and storms around our lives may rage, but we have to keep our focus on the one who is in control of it all. [...]