Rush Limbaugh Discusses Sidney Powell Situation With Some Inconvenient Truths

Rush Limbaugh discussed the Sidney Powell situation in a recent show. Rush feels like the rest of us, we’re ready to see the evidence!

Sidney Powell Finally Responds to the Trump Campaign’s ‘Distancing’

Sidney Powell responds to the Trump attorneys’ recent statements that she is not part of the team. She tells everyone that she never was and that she is not quitting.

Wayne Co Election Board GOP Members Rescind Their Certification Votes

Allegations of harassment in Wayne County as two GOP election board members say that they were bullied to vote to certify. Watch the video of some of the harassment they endured.

Jason Whitlock Tells Tucker Carlson white liberals Manipulate Black people

In a recent appearance on Tucker Carlson, Jason Whitlock shared how white liberals have been taking advantage of black people, manipulating them for their own benefit.

Biden’s Cancer Charity Is An IRS Sanctioned Grift–$3.7 Million In Salaries But No Money For Research

After his son’s death, Biden started a cancer charity to help fund research. Except it never funded any research, after receiving over $3 million in donations and payouts.

No Other Politician Can Win Despite These Odds!

The odds seem to continue to mount against President Trump to win. He would have it no other way. The odds have been against him since he began campaigning over four years ago. Only Trump could find a way to win in this situation.

Democrats Believe Minorities Who Voted for Trump ‘Too Stupid to Know Better’

Democrats have treated minorities horribly for years. This year, their reaction to those minorities voting for Trump, well they say they are too stupid to know better.

Tucker Carlson Smacks His Own Network In Epic Monologue

Tucker Carlson takes a smack at Fox News in a recent epic monologue. Apparently, he feels betrayed by the network like the rest of us!