Biden Bit the Big One During Debate

Biden Bit the Big One During Debate

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Charlotte, N.C. – We have seen the last of a babbling old buffoon in Joe Biden on any presidential debate stage. On Thursday, the dementia-ridden Democratic nominee continued to deceive the American people into thinking that he, and his 47 years of do-nothing, done-nothing policies is just what our country needs to combat COVID-19 and combat corruption.

I’m going to break down all the political pandering and ramblings of a confused Uncle Joe, who tripped over his tongue non-stop and blatantly lied to the American people about his past and the future policies that he and the liberal-machine have planned for our nation.

Joe Biden did a masterful job during Thursday’s debate – if you consider outright lying to the millions of Americans a job well done. Thursday’s debate was moderator by liberal NBC newscast member Kristen Welker for anyone who may have missed it. Like her liberal friends before her, she made it her mission to show her favoritism and continually attempted to interrupt Trump – 111 times in fact, compared to only 22 of Joe Biden.

But we all are used to the blatant disregard of journalistic favoritism against our nation’s president and for Ole’ Joe over the last year. You could almost see Kristen Welker running interference when Biden was nearing a stumbling block.

But, no matter how hard Welker tried, she couldn’t stop Biden from dooming himself in all of his Democratic defecation – his past and present actions have finally come to roost. The question is, will Americans care and pay attention?

What’s more, is all of this information and recent revelations concerning Biden and the millions he made off his son Hunter and the backs of foreign companies too little, too late? After all, nearly 45 million people, more than one-third of voters, have already cast their ballots for the 2020 election.

Which brings me to this point – I hate early voting. And why? Because a lot can happen in a month – in any election. Take, for example, in my home state of North Carolina, where Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, Cal Cunningham, has been outed for having numerous extra-marital affairs, including with one woman who is married to a fellow American serviceman. Since the story broke, Cunningham has since apologized, briefly and only once, and has never mentioned or answered any additional questions concerning the matter.

This information concerning Cunningham was revealed just as early voting got underway. The same for Joe Biden, who has evidence against him that proves that he, his son, and other family members have profited richly with off-shore business dealings while the Old Man was serving under Obama as Vice President.

Of course, like clockwork, the liberal mainstream media has refused to give any airtime to this story – and when they do, they and like Biden did on Thursday, continually claim that this is nothing more than more Russian meddling in our election process.

So, what were some of Biden’s blatant lies on Thursday? Well, for starters, he claimed that no one lost their insurance under Obamacare. Well, of course, they did – in fact, millions of Americans did. In my home state of North Carolina, Obamacare drove out competition within the country and left only Obamacare and Blue Cross and Blue Shield as the only two policy providers available to the Tar Heel State people.

During the debate, President Trump said that Biden is for socialistic healthcare – Democratically described and designed as a “public option.” Folks, that government healthcare, that is communist assistance – and a mandate that will leave millions uninsured or underinsured – will most assuredly remove them from a policy they like and a doctor they love. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor … .”

But Joe Biden did elude, among all of his pathetic political bumblings when he said, “People deserve to have affordable health care. Period. Period. Period. It’s going to cost some money.” What he conveniently leaves out is just how much money will it cost? Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t know because he doesn’t know. NASA and SpaceX haven’t invented calculators that can compute such a figure. As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Another lie told by liberal Joe was that he never said he would get rid of fracking. There are at least half a dozen recordings and televised interviews whereby Joe says he will end fracking, and in turn, declare war against the oil and gas industries, putting millions and millions of Americans out of work to be replaced by The Green New Deal that he doesn’t support, but promotes on his website.

But the biggest lie of all was when he stated that he has never taken a dime from another country. Well, of course, he has! That’s why Hunter told his daughter he had to kick back 50% to “the Big Guy.” Unless, of course, he isn’t the “Big Guy.” All this is going down the tubes because Crackhead Hunter couldn’t be bothered to pay $85 to the laptop-repair store.

Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden, ended his last presidential hopeful debate by asking the American people to measure themselves and President Donald Trump – that people know him and what he is about. And you know what? He’s right – the American people have had nearly 50 years to learn and see what Joe Biden is all about. And here’s the summation.

Joe Biden is a nothing, a political nobody – who has failed miserably in his past presidential runs because well, he’s Joe Biden – and has done nothing of substance for anyone in this country. For nearly half a century, he and his swam-mates have destroyed our country, economically, financially, and internationally.

Under a Biden Administration, our nation will be weaker, our economy will be in ruins, and our citizens will forever be indebted and dependent on the government for everyday life. Joe Biden has done nothing in 47 years in office – why would we give him another 4?

Biden Bit the Big One During Debate

Joe Biden did a masterful job during Thursday’s debate – if you consider outright lying to the millions of Americans a job well done. Thursday’s debate was moderator by liberal NBC newscast member Kristen Welker for anyone who may have missed it.

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