Biden’s Policies Will Kill More Than COVID

If he takes office, Joe Biden’s domestic and international policies will take more lives than COVID. From business shutdowns to record unemployment, it will take generations, if ever, for America to recover.

Is COVID-19 Anti-Liberal Lockdown Violence Up Next for the U.S.?

The streets of Europe turn violent as citizens demand an end to COVID-19 executive orders. As Joe Biden and liberal governors institute their new charges ahead of the holiday season, will this violence spread to America?

Liberalism is a Lie

Liberal lies have stolen the 2020 election but have manifested a communistic culture where American liberties are traded for tyranny.

American Churches are Selling Their Souls for Social Acceptance

As congregations continue to decline rapidly, churches in America have sold the sanctity of Jesus Christ to appeal and appease society.

President Biden: The First 100 Days

Biden’s first 100-days will illustrate his commitment to anti-conservatism and clearly define the Democratic destitution planned for America.

Biden Promises Victory; Trump War

Charlotte, N.C. – Joe Biden is but six electoral votes away from securing the presidency. However, in 2020 fashion, this year’s presidential election is not without controversy. From coast to … Read More

Today is Election Day and Freedom is at Stake

Charlotte, N.C. – Today is Election Day; ballots will be cast, and a winner determined. Right now, it is anyone’s guess when that may be decided. Battleground states such as … Read More

Joe Biden Will Force Us All to Live in a Basement

Charlotte, N.C. – Joe Biden doesn’t know jobs; he never has. Unless, of course, he is looking to secure some off-shore business dealings for his brother and son. For those … Read More

Hillary Clinton is Now Part of Electoral College

Albany, N.Y. – Hillary Clinton cannot help to continue her political hypocrisy. This time, the carpetbagging ex-Senator from New York and failed 2016 presidential candidate has decided that her hatred for the Electoral College wasn’t strong … Read More