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Development in NC Senate Race boosts GOP chances to hold Senate majority

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Charlotte, NC — One of the key points for Republicans going into 2020 was to hold their Senate majority and it looks like they may be able to do just that. Recent developments in the NC Senate race will certainly boost their chances, even if they were to lose other key seats.

In North Carolina, Sen. Thom Tillis (R) has trailed in polls for some time. Recent polls have him trailing challenger Cal Cunningham by 5-10 points in the battleground state. That was until Saturday.

A story broke recently that Cunningham was sending sexually charged text messages to a woman that was not his wife. On Saturday, Cunningham admitted that those allegations were true, but vowed to stay in the race and fight against Tillis.

The story should create some concerns about Cunningham from independent voters in NC. Cunningham, a member of the US Army Reserves, has run on his character throughout the race. He has shared the story of his military service, his commitment to NC values, and much more.

It appears that the values that Cunningham shares are only surface deep, as it seems he lives a separate life out of the public eye. Not only has Cunningham sent these text messages, but he has also come under fire for his failure to uphold his promises as a member of the NC legislature.

The admission will no doubt hurt Cunningham’s chances, especially as the race enters this critical time period. He faced a perfect opportunity to capitalize on Tillis’ recent COVID-19 diagnosis to own the airwaves. Instead, he is owning them for the wrong reasons.

Now, the focus becomes on how this changes the race. With polls already tilting in favor of Graham in SC, Daines in MT, and Perdue in GA, a transition in this seat would place the GOP in a strong position to hold 50 seats in the Senate.

Except, 50 seats is not enough to maintain a majority if a Democrat were to win the White House. If this were to happen, a potential VP Kamala Harris would be the deciding vote in each matter of the Senate. We all know how radical Harris is as a current member of the Senate.

The major focus will be on Arizona, Iowa, and Maine, where incumbent GOP Senators are trailing their competitors in almost every poll. Republicans are also putting up a fight in Michigan, where the race between James and Peters is very close as well.

Holding the GOP majority in the Senate is a key priority for Republicans. Even if they were to lose the House and Presidency, holding the Senate would give them the opportunity to block major legislation from Democrats that could reshape the country.

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