Mueller defends his record as a failed prosecutor, failure

Mueller defends his record as a failed prosecutor

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Charlotte, NC — On Saturday, former special counsel Robert Mueller tried to defend his record after Trump commuted the sentence for Roger Stone. Mueller wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post, where he claimed that Roger Stone remains a convicted felon. It’s obvious that Mueller is a man of pride and certainly wants the public perception of his work to be positive.

In his op-ed, Mueller doubles down on the Russia investigation that produced absolutely no evidence to prove any collusion. He said that “Russia’s actions were a threat to America’s democracy.” He continued to defend his actions.

Throughout the op-ed, he argued that everyone acted with the highest integrity. He also said that everything was based on the facts throughout the investigation.

The problem is that Mueller nor his investigation accomplished anything. If it did, he would have no reason to go on the record to try to defend himself. He is simply to be remembered as a failed prosecutor. Don’t take my word for it; the mainstream media labeled him a failure.

Immediately following the release of the Mueller report, all of the mainstream media identified Mueller as a failure. The NY Times said ran an article titled, “Mueller’s Failure” saying Mueller failed to do his job. The Washington Post noted that Mueller was unable to do his duty.

CNN came up with an entire list of failures of Robert Mueller. Just last week, the New Yorker said that Mueller failed.  The Washington Monthly said that Mueller failed his country.  That is only a few of the examples.

Mueller was billed to be the savior of the Democrats. He would be the one that would bring President Trump down as part of the Russia investigation (hoax). Mueller failed to do that. He was unable to do what everyone wanted him to do.

So the only thing Mueller is defending here is his failure. Mueller is a prideful man. We learned that a long time ago. His need to testify before Congress, even though it did absolutely nothing to help him or his perceived failure.

Mueller had the chance to be a failure and remain out of the spotlight. He couldn’t do it. He could not let his pride out of the way. He had to write an op-ed and remind us all that he is still a failure.

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