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New coronavirus aid package will not pass without caving to Democrat’s demands

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Charlotte, NC – We are all aware that Congress is in the middle of negotiating another massive spending bill for coronavirus aid. Democrats passed their version, the Heroes Act, several months ago. Republicans recently passed their plan, the Heals Act.

Both sides are significantly apart on reaching a deal per reports. What is becoming increasingly apparent, any package will require significant caving to Democrats to pass.

On Friday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) shared that 15-20 GOP senators will not vote for any coronavirus aid deal. These Senators argue that enough aid has already been passed. They cite concerns about our national debt as well.

They are correct. We are in a massive amount of debt, and there is no end in sight. Yet, Democrats know that they are fighting a battle of public opinion. People have received significant aid in the unemployment and checks that have been sent out.

There is no way that they make it without passing some aid measures. The media and Democrats have created a public expectation of something. A lot of Americans are still out of work, due to the forced recession that we are in.

So the question becomes, how far will the Republicans cave? There are 35 Senate seats up for grabs, with 23 of those held by Republicans. We also know that McConnell has told vulnerable seats to distance themselves from Trump if necessary to remain in office.

In other words, do whatever it takes, which would essentially mean passing another massive spending bill. Anything to save their majority and seats.

I am not trying to say that Republicans maintaining control of the Senate is not essential. If the Democrats retained control of the House and were to win the Presidency and control of the Senate, our country is gone.

Democrats must not win control of our government. This highlights the continued failures of the Republicans to do their jobs. With two years in the majority of both congressional chambers and the Presidency, they squandered the opportunity to enact effective change, like the American people wanted.

The American people did not expect President Trump to be a perfect politician or to do this all himself. Rather than backing the man American’s sent to the White House to disrupt the “swamp”, Republicans decided to focus on themselves and the status quo.

If Republicans had focused on balancing the budget, cutting federal spending, and building on American security, do we think we would be in this situation? Instead, they allowed the Democrats and media to sew discord in the public eye, and it shows in how they are acting now.

The position we face is one where they believe they must act to save themselves. They think if they do not pass a bill, they will lose power. It will win them some moderate voters, but does nothing to stop the march of our country into an oblivion of national debt.

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