HEROES Act proposed by Democrats

What is in the pages of the HEROES Act proposed by Democrats?

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Washington, DC – On Tuesday, House Democrats unveiled a 1,815 page coronavirus relief package that is dubbed the HEROES Act. The package comes in at a whopping $3 trillion. The bill was drafted without any Republican partnership.

With a bill this large, it takes quite some time to sort through it and see what’s actually in the bill. In the highlights by main stream media, they will list the additional $1,200 payments per family member, the $10 billion for the paycheck protection program, $1 trillion in state and local aid, and the payroll tax cut. They may even mention the unemployment benefits that were extended or the additional funding for testing.

In the legislation, Democrats also added additional funding for food and housing assistance. But buried in the pages, we all knew there would be other things. Why would the Democrats pass a clean bill?

In the bill, there is $3.6 billion set aside for contingency preparation, planning, and resilience of elections. Another $1.5 billion was in the bill for emergency wireless hotspots and $4 billion for emergency broadband connectivity. Millions more was included for firefighter PPE and other equipment.

Another $21 million was added for the US Fish and Wildlife Service for research; listing species; operation and maintenance; law enforcement interdiction and inspections; and other support activities. In addition, $10 million for the National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities was added. Others that would receive money are the NIH, mental health services, and thousands of federal jobs which would be funded under the bill.

The Department of Education was not left out, with $90 billion set aside for it. Neither were the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Railroad Retirement Board. The FAA, HUD and various highway infrastructure programs all received funding of special projects. The scary part, all of this was just in the first 130 pages.

I decided to skip forward to around page 1400 or so and start my reading again. At page 1476, I ran across some interesting language. In a coronavirus relief bill, the Democrats decided to address voting security. Specifically, they included language to override voter ID and allow a sworn statement to suffice in place of voter ID. Because that helps the economy recover from coronavirus.

On page 1670, the Democrats also pull in other special interest groups. The Jabara-Heyer No Hate Act is included in the legislation that panders to the LGBTQ community. In this legislation piece, it includes the Equality Act that the Democrats have tried to pass.

Also buried in the bill down around page 1686 is criminal justice reform that allows for criminals to be released. It details how they can be released and the requirements to do so.

As you can see, this bill is far from a coronavirus relief bill. This bill is the Democrats 2020 platform. If you want to see what you are getting in 2020 if Biden wins, this is it. Free healthcare, free housing, free income and pandering to special interests everywhere.

The fact that the Democrats are pandering throughout this bill instead of trying to actually address coronavirus issues is a disgrace. Americans should be disgusted at what is included in this bill. The Democrats wasted weeks drafting a bill when they could have served the interest of the people.

Instead, they served special interest and are rewarding them page after page of this bill. The HEROES Act is absolute garbage. This was a waste of 1,815 pages. Thank goodness this bill is dead on arrival in the Senate according to Mitch McConnell.

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