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One writer suggests that Trump will transfer power peacefully for one reason

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Charlotte, NC – As the mainstream media continues to be convinced that President Trump will lose in November, they are already planning his transition. Even the Biden campaign admits that the election is not over, but that does not matter to the mainstream media.

CNN has an article from a Democratic operative that lays out a potential plan for a transition of power. The writer, Joe Lockhart, spends the majority of the article highlighting Trump as a failure. He then proceeds to say that Trump has no option other than to take the deal that will be offered to him.

That deal, suggests Lockhart, would be to avoid criminal charges if Trump would peacefully transition power to the Democrats. That, in itself, should show the American people just what the Democrats are wanting.

They are only concerned with power. Full control of our country at any cost. While they have spent years stating they will hold Trump accountable, now they want to suggest they will simply let him off if he were to relinquish power.

Democrats have committed multiple times that they fully intend to hold Trump accountable if they were to win in November. They have said that they intend to lock him up and charge him as possible.

Why the sudden change of heart? Could it be they are finally coming to the conclusion that President Trump has done nothing wrong? Perhaps they are ready to admit that the Russia hoax was just that, a hoax.

The transition of power has become a focus point for the mainstream media as they continue their attacks on President Trump. It’s no secret that he has no intentions of working with the Democrats, as they have not worked with him for four years.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former White House Press Secretary, said recently that Trump will not work with Democrats. She also highlighted that the election is not over, but that Trump has no reason to work with the Democrats in the chance he loses.

She also commented on potential violence that may ensure if Trump were to win or lose. She commented that the violence in cities like Portland and Seattle give Americans a glimpse of what will happen were Biden to win.

Time and again, Democrats have proven that they have no desire to work for Americans. They have no desire to protect American jobs, homes, property, or businesses. They are willing to let the mob rule in all instances.

They continue to refuse to address the corruption in their own party. Evidence continues to mount against Joe Biden and his corruption. Do they really think that they need to be worried about a peaceful transition of power from President Trump?

The only transition of power the Democrats are concerned with is how quickly they can transition power from a potential President Biden to Kamala Harris. They will stop at nothing to get rid of Joe and advance their socialist plans on our country.

Just the thought of a Joe Biden presidency should scare every American. While I believe the election will probably be close, I hate to think about what will be if we wake up and find that Joe Biden has won the election. The transfer of power will be our least worry.

It’s time for Americans to stop listening to the Democrats

For the past 50 years, Democrat have been feeding lies to the American people. Some will claim it has been longer than that. They have claimed they had a better way, leaving Americans with doomsday after doomsday scenario.  In 1970, Democrat Gaylord Nelson predicted that 75-80% of the species on earth would be destroyed in 25 years.

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