Pelosi takes a cheap shot at Trump calling him morbidly obese

Pelosi calls trump overweight

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Charlotte, NC – On Monday, President Trump announced that he is taking hydroxychloroquine. Trump has touted the medication as a potential treatment for the coronavirus, and some studies have shown it may help. The announcement did not sit well with the media and the left.

Many health experts spoke out and said that this was a bad idea. Many question its efficacy and have warned against the potential side effects of the medication.

One specifically was Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi took a cheap shot at President Trump, saying that as President, he should not be taking the medication because it has not been approved. Not because it may not help, but because he is old and “morbidly obese.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper did not push back on the statements when made by Pelosi. It is interesting to note that CNN did show the correct information near the end of the video. According to the data, President Trump is listed in the obese category, not the morbidly obese category based on body mass index.

The Daily Wire shares a lot of left-wing media who celebrated the statements by Pelosi. The left would typically say this is a situation that should be between a patient and their doctor, but that seems to be different here. The Democrats are playing the role of the physician, and they would rather Trump take no protective measures.

President Trump has yet to respond to the statements by Pelosi. As of 9 AM EST on Tuesday, his Twitter feed had no activity for the day.

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