President Nancy Pelosi? Here's How it Could Happen

President Nancy Pelosi? Here’s How it Could Happen

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Charlotte, N.C. – Want to know why Nancy Pelosi is pushing mail-in voting? Because she wants to be President, and if her plan works, that might happen. 

Here’s How

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to delay the 2020 election. No, in fact, she would hold it today if it was in her power. Why? Because Pelosi loves power! She dwells on it – stern-faced and stubborn she is in front of any CNN or MSNBC camera. The House Speaker loves the attention and would revel at a glance from the Oval Office

For months, and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Democrats across the country have orchestrated yet another plot to “Dump, Trump,” citing his lack of leadership and attention to curb the spread of the coronavirus. However, now, stimulus talks are at a stalemate – Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, including Biden-VP frontrunner, Sen. Kamala Harris, want to ensure funding for mail-in voting ahead of November’s election.

For weeks, President Trump has blasted mail-in voting, citing liberal-controlled state’s slanting to sway the election. On August 5, President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee sued to block Nevada’s plan to send mail-in ballots to all registered voters due to the pandemic as it violates federal law and opens the door to massive fraud.

According to legal documents, as a result of Nevada’s new rule, more than 200,000 ballots would be mailed to individuals who do not exist, are illegal, or are legally declared dead. 

How Pelosi Could Win the Presidency

The U.S. Constitution requires that electors, commonly called the Electoral College, choose the next President. If a majority of electors fail to agree on a winner, Congress picks the winner in continent elections held within Congress under the terms of the 12th Amendment.

In Article II, Section 1, the Constitution requires two steps in the general election and the Electoral College process. First, the states (and the District of Columbia) are required to appoint members of the Electoral College. Then, Article II, Section 1, delegates the Electoral College deadlines to Congress: “The Congress may determine the Electors (at their time of choosing) and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.”

Even if Trump Wins, He Loses in a Pelosi Delay

The Constitution’s 20th Amendment also requires the President and Vice president to end their terms of office on January 20 at noon in the year following the general election. Congress by statute controls when electoral votes are counted at the states and Congress. 

Federal election law requires the states to send their electoral votes to Congress by December 23, 2020. Suppose electoral votes are not received by the fourth Wednesday in December. In that case, the President of the Senate or the Archivist of the United States can use “the most expeditious method available” to get the votes sent to Congress. 

The electoral votes received by Congress are counted in a joint session at 1 p.m. on January 6. If a presidential or vice president does not receive a majority of the electoral votes, the House selects the next President, and the Senate chooses the next vice president.

Mail-in voting is not legal; it isn’t logical. Democrats know that their last attempt to defeat Donald Trump is to delay or doop election results. If a majority of Americans use mail-in voting, delays in ballot counting and voter fraud are sure to occur. According to Experian, in 2017, mail fraud accounted for more than 5% of all fraud claims. 

In 2016, according to Business Insider, more than 138 million Americans voted in the 2016 Presidential Election. 5% of 138 million is 6.9 million. To bring perspective, the difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election was 2.8 million. Although Clinton lost her big for the Oval Office and the Electoral College, with voter mail-in ballot fraud, and the elongation and certification process, Pelosi is prepping herself and the progressive-establishment to preside as Trump is pushed aside.

Nancy Pelosi is pushing for mail-in voting, but planning for an election result delay. Could you imagine the damage a pouty, progressive could do with presidential power?

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