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Quitting a job over white privilege is absolutely ridiculous

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Charlotte, NC – Jenny Slate gave up a job that she had performing a voiceover. The reason? She claims it was over white privilege. I read the story over at Dailywire.com, where Amanda Prestigiacomo shared how Slate gave up the role after talking with collaborators.

In the article, a quote by Slate was shared where she said, “Black characters on an animated show should be played by Black people.” Out of curiosity, is she saying that black people have a particular way of speaking? The story continues, however.

Prestigiacomo also shared another quote from Slate, where she says that ending her “portrayal of ‘Missy’ is one step in a life-long process of uncovering the racism in my actions.” So accepting a role for a make-believe character was racist. This is about as ridiculous as the Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Buttersworth situations.

As reported at The Daily Wire, some were not happy with simply that she resigned the role. They want her to take the money she made for performing a job, and redistribute it. Making money off performing a job is apparently racist as well.

Other actors have made similar moves. Kristen Bell also stepped down as a role citing her lack of awareness of her white privilege. Taking these job roles does not make someone racist; they are merely taking a job.

The role of an actor is to portray a part. It’s the idea of taking on the role of a character, without being that person. It’s a job and role that many have taken throughout history. Now, actors all throughout time are racist.

This concept of inherent racism is absolutely insane. The thought that it is inherent would mean that it is permanent and essential in society. That’s simply not the case.

Across the country, Hollywood and leftist elitists have said that white privilege has enabled systemic racism. I agree, racism has existed in our past. I’ve commented numerous times that slavery and things from our past are a horrible thing and we must learn from them and move on.

Each time a black person is killed, we hear for weeks about social justice and inherent racism. Where is the outcry when the life of a white person is taken? Where is the outcry when the life of a Native American, Asian, Hispanic, or any other taken? There is no outcry over these, because they are not helping with the ultimate agenda.

The attempt to create division among social classes is a Marxist idea and plan. They do this as a way to sow division and discord, in an attempt to take over and implement change. This is not about racism or privilege, it’s about change.

What we are seeing is a segment of society that is so uneducated on history and events that they are falling into the traps of Marxism. The very foundational concept of America is that we are a nation of all people, not just certain people.

We are not divided by color, gender, location, or any other identifying fact. We are ALL American. It’s the one uniting factor. You do not hear this at all from the left. The message consistently told is that there are whites, and everyone else. Explain how this is not a message of division?

The mission throughout these events is to divide. It’s a classic Marxist strategy, but it is far from the foundation of our country.

Our country was founded on the idea that all people are created equal, an egalitarian view. That viewpoint has disappeared from our society today in favor of a welfare-dependent social division. The founding fathers knew that the American government should exist only to provide opportunity, not to provide guarantees.

This notion of privilege seems to indicate that someone was given success, rather than having earned it. As one writer put it, “what used to make America stand out from the rest of the world was the American’s willingness to take and do necessary jobs to help him achieve his goals.” This is not a privilege, but that American opportunity that our founding fathers sought to provide.

Millions of Americans have worked multiple jobs to make ends meet or to achieve their goals as part of the American dream. Some of them went back to school to achieve their dreams. Others took specialized training or apprenticeships. This opportunity is there and exists for everyone.

We must move beyond this social class warfare and realize again that we are all American. No, we have not always been perfect. We continually learn and improve. Our country is about providing opportunities, not free handouts amid a fake claim of privilege.

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