Trump continues to perform stronger with Latinos than was expected, Trump, Biden, Latino, voters, 2020 election,

Trump continues to perform stronger with Latinos than was expected

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Charlotte, NC – Even though the national polling still shows Joe Biden with a comfortable lead in the election, other factors are starting to come into view that have the Left worried.  In various state polls, Trump is proving to be highly competitive in the states and regions in which he needs to contend.  Moreover, black voters are really causing CNN and MSNBC networks to break out into cold sweats.

What is interesting though is that the Trump campaign is taking a sledgehammer to the chokehold the Democrats have had when it comes to the Latino vote. Polling is showing Trump making inroads with a demographic that he’s not supposed to be able to court. That’s if you believe the conventional wisdom, though, and we all witnessed the lack of value that holds back in 2016.

The common refrain coming from the Left are taking comments the president made about immigrants out of context.  They’re literally extracting language from this conversation, piecing it together with another to make their new reality.

The fear is palpable.

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Latino groups warn that Biden’s sluggish outreach to their voters could hurt in November

Recently, other articles have popped up with the same theme.  NBC wrote Trump Sees a Boost With Latino Voters, What Is Biden Doing About It? in what can only be described as a plea to the Biden campaign to pick up the pace.  While local outlets in Arizona are also showing a bit of panic.

The media can’t figure this out. Trump’s hard-line views on immigration were supposed to doom him with the Hispanic community.  The MSM has made an olympic sport out of getting their reporting wrong.  They constantly sweep the podiums for Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

They have miscalculated that Latinos have other priorities aside from whether someone they don’t even know is allowed to enter the country immediately. The treating of demographics as monoliths is showing signs of backfiring on the Democrats.  This was a bad strategy in the past and it’s not changing!  Perhaps they should!

This is an especially big problem in places like Florida, Nevada, and Arizona. While the latter two have trended blue, Nevada was still very close in 2016. Any shift in the Hispanic vote there could put Trump over the top.

Trump is really attracting the Cuban American vote in Florida as the Left continues to push their love affair with socialism to the forefront. Florida has always been the key to the election and Trump’s inroads are paying dividends there, with Biden only showing a 1.2% lead in the average now. Trump is well within striking distance now and we haven’t even gotten to the debates yet.

Meanwhile, here was the “Latinos for Joe Biden” counter-rally in Nevada.

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The Latinos for Biden Parade in Las Vegas today was just flat out embarrassing

Trump is making serious inroads with the black community.  Don’t take my word for it; take a look at this article from the Failing New York times as black voters are coming out for President Trump.

If Trump can pull this off in November and do it with a higher share of the Hispanic vote and the black vote, it’s going to be a resounding repudiation of Democrat politics. It’s also going to signal a new horizon when it comes to how groups that are generally divided along racial lines by the media can have varying opinions and positions. Trump needs to keep the pressure on and the outreach at the highest levels. The signs that its working are encouraging.

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